Ronaldo's love for watches
Ronaldo’s love for watches

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about watches and success

What does it feel like being a TAG Heuer ambassador alongside other international greats like DiCaprio, Sharapova and Button?


It shows the power of the brand and its wish to partner with the greatest. Every one of TAG Heuer’s current ambassadors, and those from the past, such as Ayrton Senna and Tiger Woods, is a global icon who has made and is making history in his or her domain.


Were you interested in watchmaking before becoming a TAG Heuer ambassador? Are you a watch collector?


I won’t say that I’m a watch collector but I have always liked watches. When I like a product, it’s important for me to know everything about it: where it comes from, how it works, what’s the history of the brand behind it…  that’s why my interest in watchmaking was already pretty high before becoming a TAG Heuer ambassador. I’m really excited to get the chance to learn even more about watchmaking through this partnership.


How do you view your watch? Is it something to be used to keep track of your daily appointments, an accessory, or a form of jewellery for a man?


All of the above! For me, it’s jewellery for men with real functionality. Like the clothes I wear, my watch reflects my style.


What’s the secret of success?


There is no real secret to being successful. Self-motivation and self-challenge are the keys; you have to work harder and better than everyone else. And never forget that there is always room for improvement; you can get better every day.


Tell me the exact moment when your destiny changed?


When I left Madeira and my family in 1997 to join Sporting Club de Portugal and when I moved to Manchester United in 2003. These were two crucial moments in my life, because in both cases I was still so young, just a boy.


What is your personal goal?


My personal goal is to continually improve my play and win more trophies. I want to contribute as much as I can to the success of my club during the season and Portugal in international play.


Do you set your own challenges?


The club and the coach set objectives for the players, which are always very challenging, but it’s entirely up to me to set my own personal challenges. I set myself new ones every day. This is how you improve.


Any advice for the next generation of time changers?


Always believe in yourself, push and challenge yourself, work as hard as you can.

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