Where Nature Meets Luxury
Where Nature Meets Luxury

Offering the serenity of nature amidst the hustle and bustle of the Maximum City, The Park, Lodha’s new luxury residential complex on a sprawling 17-acre property in Worli, will be a green oasis like no other in Mumbai.

Offering the serenity of nature amidst the hustle and bustle of the Maximum City, The Park, Lodha’s new luxury residential complex on a sprawling 17-acre property in Worli, will be a green oasis like no other in Mumbai. 




The experience of ‘becoming one with nature’ is not something one normally associates with modern urban living, especially in India, where city life is all about subsisting in the concrete and steel sprawls. The Lodha group, India’s No.1 real estate developer, is seeking to upend this conventional wisdom with their new luxury development in Worli, in South Mumbai. Inspired by the great urban parks, like Central Park in New York, Hyde Park in London and Ueno Park in Tokyo, The Park is planned as a green oasis, where nature will be the vibrant leitmotif around which life will unfold for its residents.



The lush 7-acre park – nearly 1.5 times the size of the world’s largest cricket field, the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia – will be landscaped in a way that will pulsate with a multitude of rich experiences. Tall, magnificent gates will usher the residents into a gracious courtyard with a reflection pool, reminiscent of a grand entry into a palatial ground. A tree-lined avenue, winding up to a quasi-hill through terraces of flowering plants, will lead to the 7-acre expanse, set 70 feet above the ground. A veritable urban forest is in the process of being created, filled with more than a thousand trees, flowers and fruits of a variety of species, placid pools, soothing waterfalls, butterflies and birds. Amidst all this will be specially created picnic spots, shaded decks and tree-fringed enclosures, where families can relax and friends can catch up.



Water will be a major theme across the property. There will be as many as six swimming pools, and a magnificent fish-filled canal cooling the environment and providing experiences inspired by Mumbai’s rich coastal history. Taking the aqua aspect further will be a lotus water-garden and lily bay, wetlands garden and a butterfly island. Organic gardens with herbs, vegetables and healing plants, a fruit orchard and a spice garden redolent with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon will ensure the freshest ingredients are available to the residents. The Park will be a complete ecosystem unto itself, conceived and designed with an abiding respect for nature. Not only will it incorporate an abundance of flora and fauna, every system and process is designed to protect and preserve the environment. Solar power will be used for the common areas, waste-water will be recycled and rain water harvested using the latest available technology.





Across a bridge, on the other side from the forested landscape, a massive children’s playground is planned. A sand-pit, a skating rink, an irresistibly tempting tree house, a climbing wall and grassy expanses for quiet recreation or exhilarating games and sports will provide the perfect environment for children to lead their life to the fullest. Of course, adults will have their fill too – there will be a clubhouse set against a hanging garden, elegant party venues, tennis courts, jogging tracks, a cricket ground, a putting green, a luxury retail zone, gourmet restaurants, a business centre, a private theatre and a well-stocked library.





Wellness facilities will include a world class gym that is part of the Holyfield Gyms network, set up by legendary boxing champion Evander Holyfield. Personal training has been designed by Ramona Braganza – personal trainer of Hollywood stars Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper – and the trainers will use her celebrated 321 training method, which creates exceptionally fit bodies in a short span of time, using minimal equipment. A yoga studio, luxury spa and jacuzzi pool and even a serene temple will help restore the equilibrium of mind, body and soul after a hard day’s work.





Conceived by WOHA, a firm internationally acclaimed for imaginative, sensitive design, The Park will offer a choice of luxury high-rise options. All of these will offer stunning views of The Park, the Arabian Sea and the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, and their location in Mumbai’s glamourous Worli will ensure easy access to Mumbai’s best restaurants, luxury retail and shopping options, premium office developments and the finest 5-star hotels. With almost every need provided at the doorstep of residents, and their every wish from the routine to the fanciful catered to quickly, efficiently and meticulously, the only thing they will need do here is to sit back and enjoy the good life.

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