Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: How To Dress Like A Movie Star
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: How To Dress Like A Movie Star

Plenty of 70s style Hollywood inspo coming your way

American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s latest release, Once Upon Time In Hollywood hit theatres last week. Featuring actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, the movie is set in the late 60s and early 70s. Besides a solid cast and script, the film has some pretty solid looks we’d like to discuss.


They say, to look back at what people were wearing in a particular era, its best to look at the movies of that time. Well, today we are doing precisely that. Fashion in the 70s was all about bright hues, tight tops and flared bottoms in satin, suede, denim or corduroy. Men wore tight tees, oversized sunglasses, turtlenecks sweaters and tailored suits. We see a lot of this happening in this movie and have decided to decode looks that hold relevance in 2019. After all, the cyclic nature of fashion is all about borrowing from the past. So here’s a style breakdown of how to get the 70s wardrobe and look like a movie star too.


Double Denim



Denim on denim looks good on Pitt, and we are sure it would look good on you too. Just remember to keep the denim tones similar, the one that’s not too tight or loose, rather just right. Here, opt for a cropped denim jacket and a slim fit denim jeans to go with it. 




 Breezy Shirts 



Hawaiian shirts have been a significant summer style statement this year. The latest addition to the trend is this bright yellow one that the actor is seen wearing. Going by this look, you could either pair it with a muted t-shirt or simply wear it by itself. Either way, it’s still a better choice than opting for a basic tee. 




All things Tan 



Want to know one of the things shared in the 70s and now? Fashion’s obsession with Tan. From Fendi, Burberry to Louis Vuitton incorporating the colour brown in their collection, there are so many routes to take. You could invest in a biker leather jacket, pleated trousers, Chelsea boots or even a turtleneck sweater in the shade. We don’t suggest you pair them all up together, but maybe take it one day at a time. 




Disco Suits



We are talking wide lapels, pastel colours, pinstripes and plaid. The 70s was all about having fun, be it dressed for a party or when out to work. Picking up hints from the same, opt for blazers or dinner jackets that are bold while keeping the accessories muted.




Boots and Cowboy belts



Now that you have most of the looks in place, its time you remember what accessories to pair your clothes. Stick to boots, oversized sunglasses (preferably aviators) and add a big buckled belt for a cowboy-inspired look. That’s it, guys. Your recipe for dressing like a movie star is now complete. 




Photo courtesy: imdb.com

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