"One Can Never Have Enough White Shirts" Says Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh
“One Can Never Have Enough White Shirts” Says Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh

Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh on the perfect shirt, must-haves for the season and his upcoming Indian wear collection

Veteran designer Rajesh Pratap Singh returns to Lakme Fashion Week this season to continue his experiments with Tencel – this time to create an Indian collection for Winter Festive 2018. The first looks of the collection were recently showcased at a preview held at Masque, Mumbai.


The designer’s core idea this season is to combine the strength of one of the world’s most ecological fibres, Tencel, along with Indian heritage crafts, combining sustainability of artisans on one hand and technology on the other. The result will be a one of its kind sustainable fashion collection that will represent innovation on a global level with green fibre and artisanal textiles.


We caught up with the reticent designer at the event, and learnt more about the collection, as well as his work with Tencel.



Tell us about your association and collection with Tencel this season.


The upcoming collection experiments with and is influenced by different parts of India. This starts right from the fiber itself. We’ve spun the fiber through hand spinning and through mechanized processes. We are using the yarn from five different craft areas of India and are also collaborating with two mills – Arvind and Vardhaman. We are working in Chanderi, Bengal, Kota, Neemrana in Rajasthan and Orissa. We are using the fiber in a wide spectrum, from very high-tech to low tech craft areas.


How would you describe a perfect shirt?


I believe no one is perfect and hence cannot produce perfection. Perfection can be attempted but it is highly subjective. There’s always a time and place for what one thinks is perfection. We can go close to it but can never reach it as we know. If we do get into the details of a perfect shirt then it starts with the fiber, the count and the construction. The fabric dictates how it should be made and if it is made in the very way then it’s close to perfect.



Do you see consumers sporting the fabrics used in this collection on a day-to-day basis?


The idea is to create awareness about Tencel as a sustainable fabric and to work towards planet positivity. I’m eager and hopeful that this collection will resonate with the consumers and live up to their sense of style.


Any garment that you have in mind and stands out for you from this collection?


Each piece designed for the collection is a master-piece and you will see how each garment stands out from the other in a matter of few days.


What must one keep in mind while selecting fabrics for work and casual wear shirts?


Selecting the fabric is dependent on the feasibility of one’s work. Ideally for any occasion functionality and comfort of a fabric are most important determinants.


What are the 5 must-have shirts for a man?


A classic white shirt. Have 5 of them. One can never have enough white shirts.

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