Oversized Is The New Black
Oversized Is The New Black

From Justin Beiber to Kanye West, Shahid Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, everybody is rocking this style, and so should you.

Oversized clothing might have started as a niche trend few seasons ago, but it is now raging on runways across the globe. From Justin Beiber to Kanye West, Shahid Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, everybody is rocking this style, and so should you.


Some men are holding back because of the fear of not getting the look right, but there is no reason why working longlines and baggies into one’s wardrobe   should be a stressful experience. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to ease you through fashion’s new rite of passage.




Balance is everything: Don’t wear two oversized pieces at the same time.


Crop the hemline: Don’t wear the trousers or pants to their full length. Showing of the ankle is perfectly acceptable.


Pay attention to proportions: Don’t add volume to the bottom. Keep the bottom skinny if you are on the shorter side.


Art of layering: Layering is cool as long as all hemlines are not the same length to create different dimensions.




Add volume appropriately: Play with volume. The trend is all about having fun and mixing it up once you have your basics in place.


Sizing is key: Buy the right size. Sounds ironic but despite it being “oversized”, the clothing has actually been made to suit your body size. For example, if you fit into a medium, buy a medium.


Add some colour:  But don’t play with too many in one look. Too much is never a good thing.


Try the entire outfit once: Try the whole look. The new shapes may feel slightly strange at first, but if you wear the full look, you are bound to feel confident.



The Skinny jean – Get this ‘Goth Rock’ look with a long line tee that has mock layers. Pair this with an elongated hoodie and finish up with trainers.



The drop crotch pants – Since it may be a new silhouette, use a simple colour block curved-hem tee. Play with proportion; moderately easy on the top and baggy at the bottom. The linen pants also have an option of being paired with both sneakers and sandals.



The oversized sweat tee – Layer this over an elongated tee and your favourite camouflage joggers. Finish off this look with an oversized denim jacket. You are now donning two trends at one go – layering with oversized.



The Asymmetrical cape – Layer an elongated tee with a pair of cropped denims. Team these with trainers and you are one step closer to Bieber’s iconic style.



 Match up – Don’t forget fashion can be both comfortable and trendy. Twinning is cool and this look is bound to make you look really hip.




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