The Perfection In The Zodiac Biella Suit
The Perfection In The Zodiac Biella Suit

A man’s suit is an affirmation of his stature and status, a reflection of his meticulous attention to detail, and a calling card for his sense of style.

There are suits and suits, and then there is the perfect suit. But how do you define a perfect suit, is a question that gets repeatedly asked by men who are trying to grasp the essentials of style?  Our explanation is simple: A perfect suit is the one that accentuates the best in a man’s physique while masking his vulnerabilities. The trick to achieving this perfection is to find the right balance in the interplay between the fabric, the refinement of its tailoring and the impeccability of its construction.  It is a combination that reaches its apotheosis in Zodiac Biella suits, a range that lives up to the exacting standards set by Zodiac’s decades-long sartorial legacy.


The suit takes its name from Biella, the northern Italian mountain town that personifies wool. People here have been making high-quality wool and wool fabrics for more than 800 years, longer than any other sheep rearing region in the world. So, it is not surprising Zodiac Biella suits is made from the best quality fabric produced using the fine Super 160s light-weight wool. Amongst its many qualities include the insulation that keeps the wearer warm in winter and breathability that makes it a comfortable wear in the Indian summer. The wicking quality of the natural fibre is so good that it can absorb moisture to the tune of 30 % of its body weight and yet feel light and supple to the wear.

The light-weight nature also assures that when turned into a jacket the fabric falls gently and elegantly over the wearer’s shoulders, while effortlessly draping his silhouette.  The sleek tailoring and construction that goes into the making of the Zodiac Biella suit ensure that the soft shoulder padding creates a natural, snug fitting shirt-like line of the shoulder and the gentle roll of the hand-stitched lapel and the felt lined collar stylishly complement each other. The half-canvas front gives the chest area a confident feel, while the breathability of the world-class Bremberg lining makes this perfect suit a pleasure to wear. 

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