‘I Am A Citizen Of The World': Designer Philipp Plein On Diversity And His Brand
‘I Am A Citizen Of The World’: Designer Philipp Plein On Diversity And His Brand

Designer Philipp Plein talks about the global popularity of his designs and why he favours diversity

Designer Philipp Plein, who has just launched his label in India, talks about the global popularity of his designs and why he favours diversity.


What makes this a great time for you to launch the Philipp Plein label in India?


Indian culture has been incredibly inspiring since the beginning of time. I’ve always looked up to this country and dreamed of developing my business here. I’ve been dressing great Indian actresses over the years, and I just feel that finally, the moment has come for me to launch my label here socially.



What are your impressions of the fashion scene in India? What are the designs you think will do well




Indians have a unique sense of style and beauty — they have unique features that they love to enhance. Colours, cuts and embellishments are very accurate when it comes to Indian fashion, and it’s an incredible challenge to enter the market.


Tell us a bit about the DNA of the brand, and how you have managed to create a unique niche for it.


My brand is rock ’n’ roll, independent and contemporary. Every design represents the freedom of expression and a rock attitude. Our success is due to the fact that we have always stayed true to ourselves and never tried to be something else.



You are known to cast unusual faces in your ad campaigns, like Winnie Harlow and Jeremy Meeks, among others. What is the thought behind their casting?


I choose the people I like, and in my campaign — just as in my fashion shows — I always favour diversity and internationality. I am a citizen of the world, quite like my customers.


Your clothing appeals to a diverse range of celebrities and fashion influencers, who are known to have


very different sensibilities. What do you think it is that gives your label this universal likability?


I would say it is our personality. We are a young brand that understands what the market wants, and this is the main reason behind our success with young influencers.



Tell us about your Autumn/Winter 2018 collection — the fabrics, cuts, silhouettes and a theme or


inspiration, if any.


I watched an old science fiction movie called Barbarella that stars Jane Fonda, and I became obsessed with the perfect image she had in this movie. My women are modern goddesses from space with flu„y hair, incredible bodies and most of all, a strong attitude. Metallic colours, pink, black and technical fabrics stolen from sportswear, colourful fur moon boots and tight jumpsuits. The idea is to dress to impress and conquer the planet.


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