Popular OTT Shows To Watch If You Have An Eye For Fashion; Suits, Next in Fashion,
Popular OTT Shows To Watch If You Have An Eye For Fashion

A stylish revolution in the streaming era, indeed!

So, when the pandemic crashed in like that one friend who never RSVPs but shows up anyway, and the big screens decided to go on an impromptu vacation, fashion casually shrugged and said, “No biggie, I got this!” The fashion industry made a slick transition to the digital realm, especially on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, becoming the unexpected hero of the style show. This digital shift opened a chic window for fashion enthusiasts who, despite treating shopping as their daily workout, suddenly found themselves exploring new avenues to quench their style thirst.


One such stylish avenue is the show ‘Next in Fashion,’ a beacon of fashion unfolding from initial sketches to the final draping. Hosted by the charismatic Tan France and later joined by the iconic Gigi Hadid, the show presents a seamless blend of style and substance, truly a fashion match made in heaven.

Another noteworthy mention is the series ‘Made in Heaven,’ not just celebrated for its compelling storytelling and acting but also for bringing forth the cream of Indian fashion to the OTT platform. Against Delhi’s rich and soothing backdrop, actors like Shobitha Dhulapala and Arjun Mathur showcase a captivating sartorial style. The second season elevated the stakes with prominent designers such as Sabhysachi and Tarun Tahiliani displaying their masterpieces in each episode.

Standing out among the plethora of fashion-forward series is the Vikramaditya Motwane-directed ‘Jubilee.’ A cinematic experience, the series intricately weaves character journeys through the lens of costume designer Shruti Kapoor. From Binod Das (Aparshakti Khurrana) to Jay Khanna (Sidhant Kapoor), each character’s evolution is eloquently portrayed not only through their acting but also through the dynamic range of costumes.

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Classics like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Suits’ continue to dominate OTT platforms, attracting viewers not only for the impeccable acting of Jon Hamm and Gabriel Macht but also for the timeless sartorial choices depicted in these shows. Don Draper’s crisp white shirts and Harvey Specter’s sleek, slim-cut suits serve as perpetual inspiration, prompting many to reassess and elevate their own workwear fashion.


Delving into the Parisian fashion, ‘Emily in Paris’ deserves special recognition. The show, with its charming characters, showcases a curated selection of fashion styles. From Lucas Bravo’s preppy and effortless fashion sense to William Abadie’s impeccably tailored outfits and Samuel Arnold’s well-fitted suits in vivid hues, the men’s fashion in the series is as meticulously curated as it is for the women.

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