Tats A Trend: Top Tattoo Trends In 2023
Tat’s A Trend

Three celebrity tattoo artists reveal
current tattoo trends

Cricketer Virat Kohli too got a massive tattoo early this year of sacred geometric symbols (in two sessions totalling 12 hours), symbolising his spiritual journey. The tattoo was designed by celebrity tattoo artist, Sunny Bhanushali, founder, Aliens Tattoo, and was tattooed by artist Devendra Palav from the studio.



Bhanushali, who has studios in the US, Germany, and across India, says, “Geometric and mandala tattoos and tattoos that have spiritual importance, are in trend.” Celebrity tattoo artist Lokesh Verma, founder of Devil’z Tattooz, also says that geometric tattoos like mandalas and sacred geometry are a big hit among men. “These designs feature precise lines, intricate patterns, and symmetrical shapes, creating a visually appealing and balanced aesthetic. The versatility of geometric tattoos allows for customisation and personal expression, making them a favoured choice among men seeking modern and abstract visuals,” says Verma, who has studios in India and Luxembourg. While religious symbols and mantras make for common requests, internationally, he is loving the resurgence of old-school tattoos such as the ‘American Flash’ and ‘Sailor Jerry’. You can spot these on actor Ben Affleck, who has a retro tattoo combination of cards, roses and a sword (among other tattoos) and got a minimal matching tattoo (just two arrows and initials) this Valentine’s Day with his wife Jennifer Lopez. Singer Sam Smith also got a retro Betty Boop tattoo last year. “These pieces hold historical significance in tattoo culture and are making a comeback due to their simplistic yet flashy nature,” says Verma, who has tattooed stars like actor Taapsee Pannu and cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. “American traditional tattoos include a wider colour palette today and have higher detailing,” says celebrity tattoo artist Vikas Malani, founder, Bodycanvas Tattoos.



Malani recently created the (temporary) tattoos you see on actor John Abraham in the movie Pathaan, in addition to inking several other stars like rapper Divine. “A lot of women are getting minimalist tattoos. Also, realism and conceptual tattoos are in trend with the rise in AI art generators across the globe,” says Bhanushali. While rocker Travis Barker got a realistic tattoo of his wife Kourtney Kardashian’s eyes (brow hair brushed in place) on his thigh. On the contrary, minimal tattoos can be simple line drawings, small symbols, or even single words or numbers that hold personal significance, such as Matt Damon got a minimal typographical tattoo as a tribute to his late father in March, or fellow actor Taylor Lautner got a new minimal ink of his wedding date this summer. Malani, who has studios in Mumbai and London, says nature-inspired tattoos — realistic or stylised, including tattoos of animals, plants, flowers or landscapes (lotus, peacock, tiger, and elephant being most common) — are also much-loved. “Tattoos of symbols traditionally associated with masculinity are always trending. These can include images of animals such as lions, eagles, or wolves, which are often associated with courage and dominance,” says Malani. In terms of international tattoo trends, Malani says he is loving the UV tattoo trend, in which the ink becomes dramatically visible under ultraviolet light. It isn’t all about aesthetic trends, however.



Tattoos for cosmetic enhancement are increasingly being sought after by men in India too. “Men are also curious and opting for cosmetic tattoos, especially hairline tattoos, as male pattern baldness is common. Those who have lost their hair or eyebrows due to medical conditions find these tattoos helpful for their mental and physical well-being. Tattoos are not just about being trendy; they can have a profound impact on someone’s self-confidence and physical appearance. Many people come to us seeking scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) as a solution for hair loss,” reveals Verma.


Just Got Inked? Here’s Dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor’s Tips On Tattoo Aftercare:




  • The artist will cover the tattoo with a thin layer of petroleum jelly and cover it with a bandage or plastic wrap. Remove the bandage after two to five hours, depending on the size and location of the tattoo. Disinfect your hands before touching the tattoo. The cover is essential to protect the skin from bacteria, sunlight and friction.

  • Slight oozing ink or a thick substance oozing from the tattoo is normal, just follow the instructions given by the artist. Clean the area and remove excess water and let the skin air dry for an hour before applying moisturiser. Leave the skin uncovered. You can use hypoallergic soap or body wash to clean the tattoo.

  • During the healing process, use a non-comedogenic, non-scented lotion on the tattooed area. Don’t rub it on the tattoo. Scabbing and itching during the first week of healing is normal. It will subsidise with good care.

  • Use an ice pack to bring down swelling, if any, and for up to three weeks, it’s best if the tattooed skin avoids the following; sunscreen, baths or pools, and close proximity to pets.

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