Randeep Hooda on his Personal Style
Randeep Hooda on his Personal Style

The actor talks about his dislike for shopping and why he hates shaving

Three things a man should have in his wardrobe are a good pair of jeans, a nice pair of shoes and decent underwear.


I don’t like to have many clothes, shoes or watches. I’ve got too much shit in my wardrobe I want to throw out. I’ve got so many things, but I’ll wear the same jeans and T-shirts. Many times, I get caught when someone remarks, “Arre, you were wearing this yesterday.”


To tell you the truth, my sister and brother-in-law will get me stuff. It’s very hard for me to go and buy something for myself. I think I look best naked.


I have one watch, a Panerai. I love it. And, Salman [Khan] gifted me one watch, which is a bit loose on its chain, so I haven’t worn it. It comes in the way when I’m riding.


My riding boots are specially made in Jaipur, though I can’t remember the name of the store.


I hate shaving; it’s just a pain. So, I like a bit of stubble.







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