Review: The Only Hiking Bag You’ll Ever Need

The Zephyr by Wildcraft is colourful, durable and ably designed to suit the needs of every kind of adventure fiend.

We walked around for six hours with our almost-full Wildcraft Zephyr backpack strapped on – up and down hills and over tricky crevices – in the sweltering heat of Maharashtra’s Rajmachi Fort area, and not once did the weight bother us.


Hikers will tell you that the bag you carry your essentials in has to be the best and nothing else – and they’re willing to pay top dollar for a roomy, compartmentalized one that comes with good padding and a significant life span. The North Face’s and Osprey’s of the world cost a pretty penny, so imagine our delirious surprise when a backpack that costs a fraction of the price (Rs 3499) is just as good as any of these brands, and most importantly, is a homegrown brand.



Even for a heavy packer such as myself (I have to have extras of everything, just in case, the Zephyr  – in  an unusual but appealing colour scheme of dark, military green teamed with highlighter-like green used for the detailing – provides ample room for everything I need and more for an overnight trip.



I’m not one to take my laptop on a hiking trip, but for busy bees that might have a work mail to respond to at random places and times, there’s a well-padded sleeve that will protect it as you make your way through any kind of terrain. Attention to detail is fantastic, and the finishing on the bag is impeccable. The must-have side pocket for water bottles is present, as is a little zippered organizer and side pocked for little essentials – some cash, earphones, a box of mints etc.



Most importantly, the bag sits on our shoulders with ridiculous ease. Wildcraft’s website reveals to us that the back is designed using a metal frame that keeps your bag suspended away from the body, thus enabling air flow through the mesh. The suspension being practically weightless, the load is spread evenly on the lumbar and thereby causes no discomfort even during more rigorous activity. What’s more, there’s a five-year warranty that should ensure that this bag stays with you for a long, long time.



Do you need more reasons to buy this one?

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