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Room for more

Canadian sports apparel company, Lululemon’s ABC (anti-ball crushing) pants are gaining popularity with men. We are not surprised.

Think everything is a tad too squashed down under? Let us introduce you to Lululemon’s ABC pants. According to the description on their website, these “anti-ball crushing” pants are engineered to give you and your family jewels room to breathe. They have a slim fit, with a four-way stretch, six pockets, rolled-up cuffs and are made with sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric. No wonder men are going nuts about them. reported that Lululemon has only recently branched into men’s clothing, opening its first men’s store in New York in November last year, and the company plans on expanding in the market with more stores. Lululemon’s active-wear is a big hit with women who are into yoga, but now, since more men are getting conscious of what they wear during workouts, Bloomberg reported that ABC pants have helped drive a 16% increase in same-store sales last quarter in the men’s business.

“We’re seeing the potential for expanded store footprints, particularly as we have a growing men’s business that we’re now working to ensure that we’re presenting that in the strongest manner and making sure we have enough space to accommodate the experiences in a high-quality way,” Chief Financial Officer, Stuart Haselden, told Bloomberg.

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