Short Hairstyles For Men To Try Out This Summer

Remember, when in doubt, go for the fade

Summer is here and if you live in India or anywhere else near the equator, it’s not all about tans and appletinis – there’s a fair amount of sweat, dust and disarrayed hair involved. Say, if you’re somebody who lives in Mumbai, you may have noticed your hair feeling crappier than it does of late. The villain over here is the humidity. Long hair is all well and good for the winter seasons (or what passes for winter in this city) but short hair is the way to go during the summer.


On that note, we’ve catalogued a list of short hairstyles you can try out.

Got curly hair? Try this:

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Not really the fuckboy haircut but close enough.


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Or you could keep it fun and floppy like this:


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Or you could just keep it really short like this.


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Anyway, whatever you do, be sure to oil and condition your hair once every three days and get regular haircuts!


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