Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

The young actress talks about the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to fashion

My own style is bohemian and comfortable. So I like a man who is as comfortable in what he wears. I also like men who can incorporate a bit of quirk and that bohemian element in their look.


You don’t need to follow trends. You really don’t. Just make sure what you wear looks good on you. And shop anywhere you feel like, till what you buy fits your personality.


I think a pair of well-fitted jeans, a versatile jacket, good shoes, some well-fitting T-shirts, a nice white shirt, is what a man’s wardrobe must have.


Everything in our lives is visual and our eyes are the first senses that get stimulated. So make sure that visually you are striking, no matter what you wear.


Boots look good on a man. And if you live in a city which experiences winter, such as Delhi, there is no reason to keep away from these fashion staples. And they can even be worn with a formal suit, if you have the right pair, like good leather boots.


Putting on your khakis and T-shirts or a plain shirt is not dressing up. Neither is resorting to polo necks. Instead, look at tailored slacks interesting shirts, jackets…


And socks with sandals look terrible. Who wears that?


The biggest mistake men make is not refreshing their wardrobes. You wear the same thing, year after year.


An elegant watch, a wedding band, a leather bracelet, maybe. That’s how far you should go with accessories.

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