Sidhartha Mallya's Rules of Style
Sidhartha Mallya’s Rules of Style

Young scion with new web series shares style tips

A stylish man will not shy away from wearing colours, be it pink, peach or purple. My own wardrobe is multi-coloured.


Everyone needs to be well maintained and that includes men. Don’t think grooming is only for women. I shower twice a day and use a lot of skin products.


I have no rules when it comes to style – fashion is what you make of it.


The essentials in my wardrobe, besides, of course, timeless tailored suits and shirts, are bright socks, a self-tie bow tie (keep away from tacky readymade ones), loafers, flip-flops and a good razor.


I am constantly experimenting with my look. If I am out with friends, I love a good T-shirt, jeans and Converse shoes. If it’s a casual party, I throw on a jacket. If it’s a formal occasion, my choice is a blue blazer and white trousers.


I am not sure why Indian men shy away from certain colours – try a blue or grey suit and white trousers. They will make you stand out.


The one look I can’t live without? Tailored suits. They change a man’s personality.


I like branded clothes, but sometimes unbranded, cheaper clothes work beautifully. I experiment with lesser-known brands. Among the ones I have discovered lately is a brand called Five Four, which has a casual streetwear collection.


My favourite look, however, is the one sported by characters of Mad Men. Very stylish, very elegant, very classic. It’s the sort of look that inspires me. My style icon will always be James Bond. I personally prefer the elegant, classic look. However, the most stylish person in today’s times is David Beckham.

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