Sohum Shah Shares His Personal Style Preferences With MW
Sohum Shah Shares His Personal Style Preferences With MW

From his favourite shopping destinations to tips on maintaining a beard

How do you define fashion?


What does it mean to you? I understand its value and necessity for my profession. It’s an important element when creating a story for the audience. I think it’s a way of giving myself a little dose of self-confidence, and as Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”




What do you consider your personal style statement?


My personal style is more casual and understated. I also love wearing boots, which is pretty much my only fashion fixation.




What was your last purchase?


A black three-piece suit.




Do you prefer tailored or off the rack?


I prefer tailored clothes.




What brands do you favour when shopping?


Some of my go-to brands include COS, All Saints, Arket, H&M and Zara. They all have a wide, ever-changing range, with lots of options for both formal and casual looks.




Where do you get your clothes tailored?


Sanchit Baweja, who is based in Delhi, does a great job with custom suits. I also like Troy Costa.




Are you into designer wear?


Which designers are your favourites? For me, it’s more of a functional relationship, if the brand or designer has what I want. For example, I recently bought an Ermenegildo Zegna jacket for an event I was attending. I felt really good in it, because it is super light and really comfortable.




What do you think of men’s jewellery?


I’m not a huge fan of it.




What about watches?


I do love watches, and wear a lot of them. I love changing them as per my outfit. Some of my favourite brands are Rolex, Breitling, Hublot and Montblanc.




How would you describe the perfect suit?


A perfect suit for me would be something that fits perfectly and is comfortable to do anything in. The jacket length is super important – it should always cover the hip, otherwise it looks like someone has been stuffed into it.




What are the casual and formal items every man must own?


To start off, I think one must own a denim shirt and a good pair of jeans. It’s my favourite look. In terms of formals, I think one must own a classic blue suit, and a white tailored shirt. When it comes to casuals, I think a nice collection of watches, shoes and sunglasses is also a must.




How do you like to change things up for weddings and formal events?


For weddings, I like to go for nice textures in fabrics and mix it up between Indian and western wear. For formal events, I love to wear a tie, which I believe finishes the look well.




What is your favourite shopping destination?


In India, Mumbai and New Delhi have the best stores. When I’m travelling, I love shopping in Dubai and London.




What is one piece of style advice you would give all men?


Make an effort to understand what works for you. If you are comfortable in what you wear, it will show, and you will always look good because you feel good. Apart from that, I think what’s very important is a well maintained face. Beards are very cool, but only when they are properly groomed.




What goes into maintaining your hair and beard?


Mumbai’s climate is not very good for hair, because of the salt that’s present in the air. So, shampooing on time and conditioning it is very necessary. I also try and use organic products as much as possible, for my hair and beard. For my beard, it’s just trimming routinely that I keep in mind.

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