Model-Turned-Designer Gabriella Demetriades Is A Woman We Absolutely Love
Model-Turned-Designer Gabriella Demetriades Is A Woman We Absolutely Love

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South African model-turned-designer Gabriella Demetriades certainly has a lot on her plate. A close look at her body of work, and you know she’s a multi-faceted woman. When she’s not occupying the pages of fashion magazines, she’s busy shooting television commercials with Ranbir Kapoor (Axe and Nissan), or carving a niche in the world of couture, with her premium clothing label Deme. Deme was born out of Gabriella’s passion for clothing, which she uses to make women look outrageously good. You certainly wouldn’t have to dig too deep in the closet to make her look good, not with those cheekbones and those limpid, enchanting hazel eyes. For her ability to juggle her many personas and rock every one of them, Gabriella Demetriades is a woman we absolutely love.




Your most sinful culinary indulgence is?


I do love pork belly — I think it’s pretty sinful.


What quality do you find most desirable in a man?


I think confidence would be the main ingredient. But confidence without a little humility is nothing.


One fashion rule men must live by, according to you.


Never take longer than your woman to get dressed!


Tell us about Deme, your clothing label.


Deme has always been a part of me. I knew I wanted to do it for the longest time, I just didn’t know how. It’s the thing that will outlive me, I hope.


How did acting happen?


That sort of happened by osmosis. I am just very comfortable in front of the camera, and it felt natural.


Any exciting acting projects on the horizon?


In terms of being on screen, not too much. I’m only taking up select projects right now, and honestly focussing my time and energy on turning Deme into a household name.



What are the things in your wardrobe you can never have enough of?


A white T-shirt, a pair of Deme drape front pants, a Deme cape ( throw it over anything) and a great fitting pair of jeans.


Who are your style icons, from past and present?


Although I don’t emulate her dress sense at all, I admire Jackie O (Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis) for sticking to her guns in terms of what her personal aesthetic was. Right now, I’m in love with Sienna Miller – she knows how to rock the red carpet, and she makes smart sartorial choices.


Your ultimate holiday includes…


A lot of time at the beach, with plenty of water sports.

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