Step Into: Rannvijay Singha's Shoe Closet
Step Into: Rannvijay Singha’s Shoe Closet

“When you wear a sneaker, it could be for a reason and then, the common factor that binds you and me could help me find out more about you. Like, if you’re into skateboarding, or some specific genre of music. You could be a fan of a superhero, or a runner or artiste”

Since he made many hearts flutter as a young and hunky biker and adventurist in MTV’s popular reality TV show, Roadies, in 2003, Rannvijay Singha has been on our radar. An entrepreneur, presenter, ex-video jockey, actor, and athlete, he started collecting sneakers sometime around 2003. “I started playing serious basketball somewhere in 1993, and that’s when I saw the Dream Team [referring to USA’s 1992 Olympics Basketball team]. We got the VHS a year later,” Singha reminisces, adding how his inquest into the sport, consequently, led to an intrigue in sneakers. “Basketball is synonymous with sneaker culture and as a fan, initially, all you want is to own a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant sneaker,” he explains. Fellow sneakerheads would probably concur with Singha that sneakers are intertwined more significantly with cultural aspects such as, Hip Hop, RnB, street style and sports, versus simply being a fashion statement.


Interestingly, Singha is also at the forefront of Sole Search, a marketplace for limited edition and high-demand sneakers, streetwear, accessories and collectibles, that connects buyers and sellers in India. As also, Street Ball League, a 3on3 basketball tournament that aims to infuse the streets with sports. Naturally, this is a huge part of his life. So, what does the dude’s collection look like? Let’s see.



Tell us a little about your shoe collection.


I have been collecting since 2001, so I have a Kobe Bryant from that year; when he wasn’t even with Nike, but Adidas. I have lots of Air Jordans — from 1 and 2 to 35, 36. Then, I have Yeezys, Reeboks, FILAs. In fact, I have my own line of sneakers with FILA. A few custom-made pairs. I have some that have been signed by players; one was from NBA; another, signed by Stephen Curry and his wife. So, yeah…


Your last 2 shoe purchases were?


Just now, I bought the Travis Scott Phantoms — they’re all black. And the Lost & Found [Air Jordan]. I got both in the last two or three months, so I’m pretty happy.


A pair you can’t seem to get enough of right now?


Uh, I am playing basketball in these Kyries [Irving; Nike] — they’re the Kyrie-Bruce Lee Mamba [Kyrie 3 ‘Mamba Mentality’]. So, the Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant logo is split in the middle, and then, they have a Bruce Lee/Enter The Dragon theme.



What’s your most-worn shoe and why?


My FILA RV Range Motorsport, because it’s a motorcycle riding shoe.


A footwear faux pas that men need to stop making in 2023?


Just don’t buy them because they’re in. Buy it for the right reason, I guess.


A celebrity you’d love to go shoe shopping with?


Anand Ahuja.


Three kinds of shoes every man needs in his shoe closet.


You’ve got to have a nice, formal, black pair; white sneakers (because you’re only giving me three); and the third one could be a nice, lean, basketball sneaker, because you can also use it for running. But a lowangle, like a Kobe or something.


Three shoe brands you can’t live without.



So, one of my favourites right now is Elevar Sports, an Indian sports/sneaker company that’s very close to my heart. Nike! And then, it’s a bit of a mix because there’s everything else. Like, Adidas, Reebok and so, umm, what Asics is doing with running, and New Balance… there’s lots of these companies.


A footwear trend you can get behind.


Uh, slides!


A footwear trend that doesn’t have your support.


I didn’t enjoy the really big, chunky sneakers.


What can a person’s choice of footwear say about them?


A lot! About where they come from, who they are.


You’re travelling for a week-long holiday. What kind of footwear do you pack?


I’d definitely have a trekking shoe, like a Salomon, which is fully waterproof. Two-three sneakers — one white, one multicoloured, so that I don’t have to carry too many. And I’d take my Timberland boots.


Three tips for shoe care?


Keep them clean (wipe them down with a brush or sneaker wipes before you put them back in the box). Wear socks, man. Get sneakers which are great; just get like, good good sneakers, I would say.

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