Varun Gupta Director, India Steel Works On What Fashion Means To Him
Varun Gupta Director, India Steel Works On What Fashion Means To Him

Director, India Steel Works and Founder, Leap India Institute

How do you define fashion? What does it mean to you?


To me, it’s about relaying one’s personal style, energy and personality through a medium of clothes and accessories.


What do you consider your personal style statement?


I like to keep it simple and classic, but usually with an addition of something that stands out. For instance, if I’m wearing a basic white T-shirt with blue jeans, I would add a funky pair of shoes that would highlight the look. The one rule I do follow is that everything has to be well fitted. I’m not a fan of baggy and loose styles.


What was your last purchase?


A Fitbit – it looks good and keeps me healthy.


Do you prefer tailored or off the rack? Where do you get your clothes tailored?


To be honest, I don’t really have a preference. If something off the rack fits me well, I’ll wear it. So my everyday wear is a mix of high street brands. For suits, I go to Govinda Mehta. He has a great selection of fabric and always manages to give me the perfect fit.


Are you into designer wear?


Not when it comes to my clothing, but I spend a lot of money on my shoes – I have more shoes than my wife. Sneakers are a weakness. I love collecting Yeezys, while my favourite designer shoes come from Balenciaga and Giuseppe Zanotti.


What kind of watches do you prefer?


I like a classic Rolex Daytona or Submariner that goes with everything. I’m not a fan of loud, bulky watches.


What are the casual and formal items every man must own?


Blue jeans, white and black T-shirts, a dark suit – all well fitted, of course.


How do you like to change things up for weddings and formal events?


Sometimes, stepping away from the common colours helps you stand out.


What is your favourite shopping destination?


I know everyone probably says this, but it has to be London – that city has it all.


What is one piece of style advice you would give all men?


Wear something that is a reflection of your personality. What goes into maintaining your hair and beard? For starters, a haircut every two weeks.

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