Styling the Chief Minister
Styling the Chief Minister

We plan out Arvind Kejriwal’s new look and tell him what to lose from his wardrobe

Yes, Arvind Kejriwal is a man of simple needs. But, so was Narendra Modi before he became the Prime Minister and now he wears monogrammed bandhgalas (not that we approve). We advice Mr. Kejriwal to take notes from Modi’s stylist and upgrade his wardrobe. And if his stylist isn’t available (maybe the fellow is designing monogrammed socks and neckties now?), we are here to help out. And no, we are not asking him to lose that cap.


Tom Ford



Delete: Rimless glasses


Let’s start from the top. Kejriwal should get rid of those rimless frames. No one in this age wears rimless glasses – not even doctors, or accountants, or other uncles. They just age you. This is where he could beat Modi (he still wears rimless glasses).


Enter: Round frames or bold rectangular power frames


Delete: Short-sleeved formal checkered shirts


Next comes the shirts. Kejriwal is seen in a lot of whites and checks. Our advice: wear linen shirts for extra comfort and don’t just stick to whites. He should try wearing pale colours like powder blue, beige and mauve. Some colour will also add confidence to the entire look.


Enter: Linen shirts


Heel & Buckle


Delete: Boring footwear


The most important part of a man’s wardrobe, Kejriwal should ditch his brown/black pairs of worn out footwear and invest in a pair of laced up shoes. They need not be fancy, but a great pair of shoes in a classic cut can work with most of his outfits.


Enter: Laced-up shoes


Delete: The muffler


Yes, we might be going for his favourite accessory, but no. Just no. They don’t look good at all. While the terrible Delhi winters are over, Kejriwal will have to face the merciless heat of the Delhi summers now. Comfortable cotton scarves and stoles, casually wrapped around his neck will definitely work with his look. Choose folksy prints and ethnic fabrics to stick to the ‘aam aadmi’ manifesto.


Enter: Neck scarves




Delete: Sweaters


Stop dressing up like a second grade math teacher, Mr. CM. Those thick and dowdy blue sweaters have got to go. You need blazers and dinner jackets for informal evening meetings and some well-cut power suits for all formal events. You are the Chief Minister of the capital. Dress like one.


Enter: Jackets and power suits

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