SU MISURA -- Canali’s Made to Measure Service Is Here
SU MISURA — Canali’s Made to Measure Service Is Here

SU MISURA is the ‘subtle pleasure of feeling unique and the art of self-expression through fit, fabric and colour’

SU MISURA is the subtle pleasure of feeling unique and the art of self-expression through fit, fabric and colour.


Emotions shaped by the expert hands and alert eyes of Canali’s tailors who, as the custodians of a time honoured art, skillfully conduct the orchestra of the needle, thread and fine fabrics to create the perfect symphony represented by a unique, tailor-made suit.


A journey during which the customer is accompanied step by step in this exclusive experience, in which every detail and every measurement are discussed and defined with these master tailors to reflect the customer’s own tastes and needs.





It all starts with the choice of model, in a collaborative search for the style that best suits the physique and personality of each customer, based on a relationship of trust and interaction.


In the time-honoured sartorial tradition, every SU MISURA suit is created from a paper pattern designed specifically for the customer and based on his own personal measurements, adapting and adjusting lapels, pockets and waist as needed.



Style, sophistication and creativity are the characteristic features not only of the models but also of more than 500 prestigious seasonal and evergreen fabrics, many designed exclusively for Canali. The selection ranges from ultra-light fabrics (under 180 g) and Millionaire Cashmeres to the finest fibres of all, in both senses of the word, including silk and vicuña, all produced in leading woollen mills in Italy’s Biella area. And for that extra special personal touch, customers can choose inner linings in various colours and embellish their jackets with mother of pearl, horn or enamel buttons.




Excellent materials and an ability to listen to the customer, assimilate his tastes, needs and values, and advise him with discretion, are combined with the mastery of Canali’s tailors, whose expert eyes and extraordinary talent transform materials, in a few short weeks, into the stuff of dreams. A path is interwoven with culture and history, style and taste, with the search for excellence, and with quality and reliability, all converging in the genesis of a Canali SU MISURA suit which bears witness to authentically Made in Italy elegance.


You can also experience this new MTM service at one of these events near you:


Mumbai: 1st to 3rd September, Palladium Mall


Hyderabad: 4th September, Taj Krishna Hotel


Bangalore: 5th September, UB City


Chennai: 6th September, Palladium Mall


Kolkata: 7th September, Quest Mall


Delhi: 8th to 10th September, DLF Emporio


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