Sushail Mital Gives Us A Glimpse Inside Darzi Legacy

The Darzi is among Delhi’s best-known suit makers, with a history that goes back nearly four decades.

When did you decide that you would like to enter the world of high-end suiting? What role does your father play in your career today, after you have already established yourself?


I have grown up seeing my father cut patterns of suits and handcraft fabrics into beautiful garments. His passion for his profession inspired me to join the world of suiting. Our profession is very similar to that of a doctor. We are always practising our skills in developing and creating something new for our clients. When I joined the business five years ago, I had a lot of new ideas. But every new idea needs guidance and proper direction, and that’s what my father – with his 38 years of experience – helped me with. Even now, he plays a pivotal role in my career as I move forward. 









How does Darzi combine modern and traditional tailoring so effortlessly?


Tailoring in itself is a traditional profession. But as change is imperative, we have experienced tailors who offer classic tailoring, which is combined with the influx of new cuts and patterns. With the option of both, full hand canvas bespoke suits and made to measure suits as per the choice of our clients, we combine traditional bespoke tailoring with modern cuts and patterns to give our clients the best of both worlds. 


How are your three ventures different yet similar? Do they attract different kinds of age groups of clients?


The Darzi Group has three ventures. Studio Firang is a retail store for high-end international fabrics and hand-crafted traditional men’s wear. It stands for the highest quality fabrics from all the top international brands like Zegna, Scabal and Dormeuil. Two years ago, we introduced a private shopping area called Mirasu, under which we retail the most exclusive suiting fabrics – from 100 per cent vicuna jacketing to 24-carat gold suiting and the finest wool suiting from around the world.  Then, we have three Raymond’s showrooms that offer a variety of Raymond’s suiting and readymade brands, like Park Avenue and Raymond Apparel. Raymond’s resonates with every Indian as a suiting name that is widely known and trusted. Finally, there is The Darzi. As the name suggests, it is a bespoke tailoring venture with a strong team of highly skilled pattern cutters and tailors led by my father, who started it in 1981. It is a myth that only women like to dress well. Boys and men in today’s time like to be equally well dressed and stylish. We have clients as young as five years old, and suits have no age limit.





What are the latest suiting trends you have observed?


The fashion cycle has turned back to the ’90s, with bold, chalk-striped double-breasted suits and prominent checks on a three-piece suit widely in demand. An elegantly textured bandhgala is the most suited for wedding wear, for which India is the biggest market. How long do you think it will be before we can completely change the perception that Indian-made suits cannot be just as good as international ones? We have come a long way from the mindset that suits are merely occasion wear to suits being office wear. This demand has led to tailors investing in new and modern technology, hence making Indian made suits at par with the international level. With the change in trends and media awareness and the fashion industry blooming, the perception has already has started to change. 


How do you personally prefer to cut and style your suits?


Classic suits are always my preference. A combination of a worsted cashmere blazer with dark trousers and a white shirt is my goto garment. For formal occasions, I prefer a tone-on-tone micro-checked suit, accessorizing it with a collar pin and beautiful silk tie and pocket square. 

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