Take A Look At The Newly Opened Fake Supreme Mega-Store In Shanghai
Take A Look At The Newly Opened Fake Supreme Mega-Store In Shanghai

China isn’t really a stranger to making fake products, but they just took it to a whole other level

Supreme is known for its exclusivity and limited stock, which helps it increase its value. The American streetwear brand is currently one of the biggest in the world and naturally, when you’re a brand of this scale, there are bound to be a few knock offs. In India, almost everyone wears a t-shirt that has a Supreme logo on it. But China took it way too far.


China isn’t a stranger to knock-off products. They’ve been doing so since they learned how to make things. But this one is on a whole other level. A Supreme knock-off store has been opened in Shanghai. Yes, an entire store. The store is based on Supreme’s New York showroom and comes equipped with skate decks and skating ramps. 








Supreme Italia, a fake and unauthorized spinoff, opened the store and have been selling Supreme embossed products for a while now. The weird part is, they’re doing all of this legally. Supreme Italia exploited a legal loophole and got permissions to sell products under the exact trade dress and logos of the original NYC company, while being registered it under a slightly different name.






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