A Tan France Fashion Breakdown: All the Do’s And Dont’s To Swear By

The style expert is back with some serious fashion advice

Last month the Fab 5 came back into our lives with season 3 of Queer Eye and honestly, the show is everything we hoped for. If you’re probably wondering what the hype is all about, the show features five homosexual men who set out to change people’s lives by giving them a complete makeover. It’s a show that has you in splits, makes you sob and sometimes does it all in one go. 


Each member of the Fab 5 team holds an area of expertise that is used to transform the contestants. Today, we want to divert your attention to Tan France, the fashion Guru of the show. He’s given some pretty solid advice on the show but mostly reiterated that one needs to always look the part to feel good. To make it easier for you, we have a breakdown of all the things style and fashion Tan France mentioned in the show. 

Stick To Classics

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A bona fide way to always look well turned up is to know what works for you and stick to it. In this case, France schools many to first build their wardrobe by stocking up on classics. This includes basic t-shirts, well-fitted denim jeans and smart shirts that could we paired up in many ways.


Wear Tailored Garments

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When it comes to work-wear, the fit is always the hero. In the show we see France break down the correct way of wearing formal wear and we couldn’t agree more. If tailored to perfection, your outfit will always feel like second skin. After all, a well-tailored suit can take you a long way, no matter what your body type is.  


The French Tuck

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Semi-tucking a garment a.k.a the French tuck has gained serious momentum after France coined the name on the show. Don’t hate on us when we say this, a French tuck looks great on a woman when used to create an illusion of an elongated lower body. However, the same for a man?  We are not quite sure. 


Layering Right

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Out of all the things that remain a constant on the show, France’s emphasis on layering ranks the highest. He chose to layer outfits with a denim jacket, a leather jacket, an overcoat or sometimes a cashmere sweater. This style-hack works great when the temperature lowers, but the same wouldn’t work in scorching heat. Therefore, we suggest you wear lighter layers when the summer months make it impossible to layer up. 


And lastly, like France always says, be kind!

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