The Beard Trends You Need To Look Out For This Season

Men have been experimenting with their beard lately and have come up with new and distinct styles. Here is a list of actors who have been acing the beard game and setting the bar really high. Take a look. 




Shahid Kapoor



Shahid Kapoor’s beard game has always been on point be it during his rockstar role in Udta Punjab or his kingly demeanour in Padmaavat. Recently he has been sporting a full beard for his upcoming movie and we are already in love with the look. The thick moustache completes the look giving him a bold and rugged look. 


Jake Gyllenhaal 



 Nothing says sexy like a thick beard and the Enemy actor pulls it off like a pro. It gives his attitude enhanced maturity and completely changed his personality. If you’re someone who likes the idea of a well structured and long face, this will be an ideal beard look for you as it creates an illusion of an elongated profile.  We see a lot of working men sporting this beard as it gives a white collar look. 




Harshvardhan Kapoor



 Anil Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan Kapoor has always been admired for his decorous sense of style, but what really seized our attention is his beard game. His beard gives him a professional yet clean look making him look young and vibrant. College-going boys can easily pull this look off.




Ashton Kutcher 



Ashton Kutcher was seen sporting short goatee type beard which is extremely popular among modern-day men since it doesn’t require a lot of grooming and is not too complicated to grow. The beard gives a very young and mesmerising look making it a perfect for the No Strings Attached actor. If you don’t like the idea of a thick beard then this is your best option as it doesn’t even require too much maintenance.




Jason Momoa



Now, this is what we call a full grown beard. The Game Of Thrones star is famous for his bold and valorous character in the show sporting an overgrown beard along with even longer hair. His beard game off-screen is just as extreme. This type of beard looks best with long hair. It is mainly maintained by trimming or just growing for a specific period of time giving him an overall dashing and heroic look. It looks best on jacked men with good height. 

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