Fossil Launches New Star Wars Watch Collection
The Force Is Strong With Fossil’s Epic New Star Wars Watches

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Whether you’ve been a casual follower for a few years or a die-hard Star Wars fanatic, chances are that you noticed the recent passing of May the 4th, or Star Wars Day. Along with plenty of movie marathons, memes, as well as digital and global events, the unofficial holiday — named after the iconic phrase ‘May the Force be with you’ — also saw a delightful merch drop, courtesy Fossil.


The American design giant recently launched a whole line of timepieces based on iconic characters from the original trilogy, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. While the Rebel Alliance-focused theme of the watches means no Darth Vader designs — sorry to all you Sith fans — the special editions as a whole are absolutely gorgeous, and make for delightful gifts for anyone you know who’d love to be in a galaxy far, far away. Each one of the six watches comes with a special Star Wars motif and collectors’ box, complete with sound effects, ’80s style comic book illustrations, and even a replica movie ticket stub that’s sure to delight anyone with a love for old-school cool.





Just like its inspiration, the Threepio watch comes clad in all-gold, featuring an exposed automatic movement with a day-night indicator that’s subtly inspired by the design of the beloved character’s metallic visage, which can also be replaced with a covering that better resembles everyone’s favourite protocol droid. | For Rs 28,995






The second watch in the collection to feature an automatic movement, this R2-D2-inspired timepiece features applied, stamped, and printed dimensional details that reference the astromech droid’s iconic design. It boasts a precise Japanese automatic movement, and the minute hand is thoughtfully shaped to resemble the repair tool arm that we catch a glimpse of in nearly every film R2-D2 features in. Additionally, the watch includes a day/night indicator adorned with a lume-filled Rebel sign, adding a touch of luminosity and style.” | For Rs 28,995






I’m a sucker for leather watches, Star Wars, and adorable side characters — so its no wonder that this fun round-dial piece reflects one of my favourites from this collection. Featuring an embossed leather pattern inspired by the Wookie’s mane and iconic bandolier, the best part about this one is that the box roars just like the character does — something that’ll instantly bring a smile on a diehard fan’s face. | Rs 21,495


Han Solo




Like Chewie, Han’s watch also comes with a round dial and plenty of smuggler-chic vibes, noted by the gunmetal case and sleek yellow stripes which mimick the character’s own gear through the series — along with plenty of leather and laid-back cool on display. | Rs 21,495


Leia Organa




Definitely the most film-accurate watch on this list, Leia’s design is inspired by the watch she wears in Return of the Jedi, featuring a semi-transparent black dial with cut out windows, invisible lume Rebellion sign that glows in the dark, padded leather strap that recalls her ‘disguise’ outfit and an etched braid caseback detail. | Rs 21,495


Luke Skywalker




The original Jedi himself is something of a pop culture legend, and Fossil’s attempt to freeze him in time is pretty legendary too, with a clear focus on the trilogy’s climactic final scenes. The battle between the light and dark sides of the Force plays out on the dial of this piece — complete with Luke’s glowing green lume Lightsaber as the second hand and invisible blue lume Force lightning that glows in the dark. | Rs 21,495


“We’re thrilled to share this special collection celebrating a story that has made such a cultural impact on generations and that, like Fossil, evokes a feeling of nostalgia for so many,” says Melissa Lowenkron, Chief Brand Officer. “Made for fans by fans—we’re excited for people to discover the intricate details inspired by the film and to collect their favorite pieces from this exceptional collaboration.”


Alongside the limited-edition watch assortment, Star Wars x Fossil also offers five special-edition watches with comic-book-style graphic dials, silicone straps and classic tins for Rs 12,495.  


Images: Fossil

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