The Victorinox Architecture Urban2 Bags Are For Those Who Get The Game
The Victorinox Architecture Urban2 Bags Are For Those Who Get The Game 

Bag it before it’s too late

Much like how you’d never regret travelling, there’s no way you’d regret lugging around a Victorinox while at it.  


Tailormade for those who’re on the go, the all-new Victorinox Architecture Urban2 range introduces two sturdy and stylish offerings— The crossbody bag and the Weekender. Available in stunning blue colourways, these roomy companions will surely add a pop of colour (and fun Out-Of-Office vibes) to your travel gear. The crossbody is ideal for your time in the boardroom and beyond, our vote goes to The Weekender on days when you’re pressing pause on the hustle and packing off to an idyllic weekend getaway.  


After all, what’s the fun if you’re not travelling in style?  



A Palette of Possibilities 


The Victorinox Architecture Urban2 comes with a host of new-age features. We’ve taken a closer look: 


360-degree protection: The bags come armed with high-tech safety features like hi-density foam, secure zippers and a stretch fabric seal, offering double protection to your electronic devices.  


Antimicrobial lining: The presence of antimicrobial lining in SILVADUR™ technology offers uncompromised hygiene, as it inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the fabric and can be cleaned up to 40 times. 


Premium leather touch points: The collection comes with in-built special premium leather touch points that make lugging around a lot easier on your hands.  



High water resistance: In a bid to enable hassle-free travel, the fabric ensures high water resistance and quick drying against spillage, much like an umbrella built into your bag. 


Personalisation options: If you fancy having the initials of your name emblazed on your belongings, there’s all the more reason to cart a Victorinox now. The personalisation feature allows buys to have initials or your name (up to 12 characters) engraved on a Swiss Army Knife scale. 


1+10 Years Warranty: A great product stands the test of time. To offer a satisfied customer experience for a long time, the brand offers a global 1+10 years warranty. 


Victorinox’s Architecture Urban2 collection is available online and across speciality shops and Victorinox stores. Whether you’re a tactile shopper who loves feeling the fabric or someone who prefers the ease of online shopping, there’s something for everyone. 









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