The Ultimate Guide To Summer Layering
The Ultimate Guide To Summer Layering

Take a risk and stand out this summer with these curated layering options

It’s hard to conceive the inclusion of layering in your summer wardrobe in India. You don’t feel like wearing long-sleeve shirts, forget another entire layer. However, in a time of the year when most people dress with monotonous utility to beat the heat, you can stand out with imaginative layering options. This is your guide to using the right fabrics, prints, and pieces to master layering for the summer. 


The Waistcoat:


Waistcoats are not just for waiters and to complete three-piece suits. Wear them individually to make a strong style statement. Use a more formal piece for business meetings, and a printed piece for a flexible vacation-wear option. 




The Jacket:


Summer layering is best done with the right jacket. Imbibe a polo match aesthetic with light pastels for summer weddings and other day events. Opt for lighter fabrics such as linen, or make sure your jacket doesn’t have lining to make sure you don’t sweat through it. 



The Overshirt:


Much like the jacket and anything else you wear in the summer, the most important thing about wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a tee is the material and the colour. Linen, as always, is a safe option, because of the lightness of the fabric and the light hues it is usually available in. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with floral prints, or, if you can pull it off, a stylish Hawaiian shirt. 








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