These Homegrown Labels Are Selling Pretty Cool Party Wear For Men
These Homegrown Labels Are Selling Pretty Cool Party Wear For Men

Fail-safe options for boys who’d like to make an impact

Do you know what my biggest fear is? It’s running into a guy at a party who happens to be wearing the same shirt I snagged from Zara’s sale. It’s not that I mind, but just picture going through all the effort to find that perfect shirt that sets you apart in the crowd, only to discover you’re unintentionally twinning with a stranger. But fear not, I’ve got a solution for this potentially awkward situation. The next time you’re shopping for a party, consider picking up a shirt from one of these boutique brands. They’re niche, and unique, and the chances of encountering someone else in the same outfit are refreshingly rare.


Lacquer Embassy

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Lacquer Embassy, founded by Nikhil Sharma, blends classic influences with modern culture, emphasizing attention to detail and minimalist silhouettes. The brand is known for its unique and handcrafted limited-quantity shirts, marrying youthful elegance with luxury and a contemporary aesthetic. Lacquer Embassy is available at its Delhi flagship store and online.



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Launched in 2018, Qarot has gained a solid following among fashion-savvy individuals seeking a modern wardrobe without breaking the bank. The brand’s party shirts strike the perfect balance, offering a minimalist appeal with a touch of sophistication.


Club Havana

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Embracing its namesake, Club Havana exudes a carefree, flamboyant, and upscale vibe. The Cuban collar shirts, adorned in lively prints and crafted from luxurious fabrics such as satin and silk, embody the brand’s spirited essence. With a penchant for relaxed fits, Club Havana ensures that their party shirts not only make a style statement but also prioritize comfort for those laid-back, yet lively occasions.



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Hailing from Delhi, Seven DC stands out as a contemporary fashion label specializing in distinctive party shirts for men. What sets them apart are their exceptionally cool pocket designs. Offering a range from abstract patterns to intricate embroidery and stylish embossing, Seven DC ensures you’ll discover the perfect shirt for every occasion.



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For those with a penchant for striking typography and graphic prints, NooNoo is a definite go-to. Their party shirts are designed to make a statement and stand out in the crowd. 


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