YEEZYs For Everyone: Kanye West X Adidas To Drop Three New Sneakers In November

The immensely popular Yeezy sneakers are launching next month. Take a closer look at what’s in store

Holy Yeezus!


When Kanye West is not schmoozing the American president, or apologising to his fans for feeling played by the powers that be, he sings. But that won’t really make him his billions. His Yeezy collaboration with the brand with the three stripes, Adidas, however, will. 


Since its launch, the Yeezy sub-brand has shown all the power and distinction that is akin to other more established ones, like say the Air Jordan. And yet, in so short a time it managed to reach unprecedented levels of covet. And what makes it special is that nobody frankly understood why or saw it coming. 


The Yeezy (named after Kanye, or ye’ with the -eezy suffix) has many avtars. Some believe that the number is about the shoe height, so 350 would ride lower than the 750. But they are stylistically extremely different for the height to be the only factor. The initial design was either in simple pastels or with a striped pattern that came to be dubbed the Zebra. Then came the more intriguing colourways, from the Beluga to the Semi-Frozen Yellow and the world of sneakers saw a revolutionary shift in silhouettes. 


Today a pair of anything Yeezy is hard to come by. People have their preferences – from the 350 in butter to the 500 in Super Moon Yellow and so on. Well, whichever you think would look good on your feet, trouble is acquiring a pair today would require you to shell out more than you would for a pair of bespoke Shell Cordovans and those are upwards of 2000 dollars a pair! So, what are the chances that Adidas and Yeezy decide to do a surprise restock of some classic options and, here’s the best bit, release them simultaneously in India as in the rest of the world!


Well, it is happening so make sure you are online on the dates when these precious beauties go on sale:


November 9, 2018 – YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 White/Core Black/Red (popular as the Zebra)





November 23, 2018 – YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Sesame





November 30, 2018 – YEEZY 500 Salt



And to finish the look:


November 17, 2018 – CALABASAS TRACK PANT





“Rock, Stock or Flip”, (Rock: wear yourself, Stock: buying an extra pair for the future, Flip: selling online for a sizeable profit!) goes the dilemma in the world of sneakerheads; the choice is all yours to make, again. Just don’t sit on it!

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