Your Balls Will Thank You For These Lululemon Trousers

Hint – the life won’t be squeezed out of them.


Lululemon, that oddly named maker of women’s athletic wear, has a men’s lineup as well, and the, er, jewel in its crown is its ABC gear. In a landmark of subtle branding, ABC stands for Anti Ball-Crushing, and features a variety of trousers and shorts that claim to let your old boys breathe easily and not be caught in the vice-like grip that often comes with snug-fitting pants. The line is designed with  a flexible material, which Lululemon says will give “you and the family jewels room to breathe.” Priced from $88, the range isn’t available in India, but you could always ask the aunt that’s headed to the US to pick you up a pair or three – no doubt she’ll be pleased to help save the family heirlooms.


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