The Biella Line Of Suits Are Inspired By Italian Craftsmanship
The Biella Line Of Suits Are Inspired By Italian Craftsmanship

With their trendy Italian fits, impeccable construction and fabric counts of Super 160’s and 180’s, Zodiac Biella suits encapsulate all that a stylish man requires

The residents of the town of Biella, in northern Italy, have a saying: every time a stranger comes to their little town, they extend two hands – one for a handshake, and the other to touch the stranger’s jacket, in an attempt to figure out the quality of the fabric it is made of. The natives of this town, popularly known as the ‘wool capital of the world’ in clothing circles, definitely know their cloth, make no mistake, and this is why Zodiac Biella Suits take inspiration from this town.


A lot of thought goes into the construction of a Zodiac suit. The brand believes that a suit is only impeccable when it complements a man’s silhouette and boosts his confidence. That’s not all, however – the suit should also be lightweight enough to be comfortably worn in any weather. To that effect, Zodiac has combined technology and superfine light weight wool fabrics to completely re-interpret the classic elements that go into a suit; the result is the fine Biella collection.







What makes Biella stand out? It’s all in the details. The Bemberg lining (considered the finest available lining material) ensures that the soft roll of the lapel and felt-lined collar combine to create a totally natural look when the suit is worn, while the half-canvas jacket front – which is a key feature of the suits – lifts the jacket at the chest which, combined with a perfectly balanced jacket in turn, give the wearer a confident look. This also ensures that the jacket remains light and flexible, almost like a shirt, for an unmatched drape.







The signature three-hole Trinity buttons that feature on all Zodiac wool suits are made from Corozo, a “vegetable ivory” that comes from the seed of a tropical palm that grows in the Ecuadorian rainforests.


The lapels are also hand-stitched, to add that extra touch of luxury.







In the end, a great suit will always be one that perfectly captures a person’s signature style. With their fine Italian fits, precise cuts and top-quality fabric, Biella suits succeed in doing just that.

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