Zodiac's New Barboni Collection Offers The Best Of Both Worlds
Zodiac’s New Barboni Collection Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

The Barboni Collection from Zodiac offers the comfort of cotton with the luxury of silk

Ask a discerning man what he wants from a shirt, and he’ll tell you that comfort is of the utmost importance – but not at the expense of a luxurious feel. Zodiac’s Barboni Collection of work shirts offers exactly this rare combination. How is this achieved?


Firstly, the shirts are made from the finest Egyptian Giza 86 cotton, which is known for its unusually long fibre length and strength, resulting in a silky handle and an unmatched softness, which stays on over time. This is woven into a single 60’s yarn with the use of modern, digitally controlled and sophisticated looms. The combination of this high-grade cotton with the latest weaving technology makes it possible to weave fabrics from this exceptional and ultra fine yarn in a single count. The fabric is then given a trademark “Silk Protein Finish”, which results in an exceptionally luxurious hand-feel, aptly called “Silk Touch”







This amazing fabric offers levels of quality, durability and softness that are unmatched, in addition to a rich, lustrous look and a silky hand-feel, all of which only improve with time.

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