These White Sneakers Will Brighten Up Your Winter | Man's World India

Tis the season to bring out your (white) sneakers.


When it comes to dressing, sporting anything remotely white can be threatened by a lot of external factors. Although, now that it’s (Indian) winter, those hazards are relatively minimised during this time. Especially, if it’s your favourite pair of pristine white sneakers that have been hidden away at the back of your closet for months now. But if you’re looking to expand your collection this season, here’s what looking good out there.






Combine athletic and stylish together in a pair of shoes and you get Louis Vuitton’s white sneakers. The sole on the Louis Vuitton sneakers is also designed to give you a natural lift.


What to wear with these: A pop coloured suit with a white t-shirt underneath OR a checkered suit with a polo shirt underneath.









Play around with contrast elements on sneakers which is wildly popular this season. Take these EZC and Michael Kors numbers, for example. Each of these three sneakers is designed in a way that’s unique to its design.


What to wear with these: These sneakers lean more towards the casual category so anything from a pair of chinos with a cardigan to athleisure to normcore are good combinations.



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