5 DIY Workouts To Lose The Holiday Weight

Although the year-end vacation should recharge you, returning home can have the opposite effect.

Although the year-end vacation should recharge you, returning home can have the opposite effect. Instead of feeling refreshed, sometimes depression levels heighten. Studies suggest that exercise can help you combat the blues.


The study examined 419 generally healthy, middle-aged adults who wore accelerometers to track their physical activity over four days. Participants also answered questionnaires about their psychological well-being and exercise habits. Working out increased happiness levels, but only when the adults completed light-to-moderate exercise. Vigorous workouts provided no positive effect.

While hitting the gym for some hard core weight training right away wouldn’t be very ideal to start off. You can try these simple exercises that can increase your metabolism, burn lot of calories in a short time span giving you the right push for #FitStart18.

Here are some easy and machine free DIY fitness exercises that I am doing for #MyFitStart.


Start with your feet comfortable apart, drop your hands to the floor and jump back with your legs to get into a raised plank. Bend your elbows to get your chest to the ground and press back up, jump back in and perform a small jump. This might sound simple but will really challenge your stamina and endurance and you will end up working your entire body through this simple move.


Perform 10 reps * 3 rounds with little rest to get your heart pumping and your muscles working.

Air Squats:

The most basic functional movement that engages your lower body and core along with challenging your mobility. You start this movement with your feet under your shoulders, hinge at the hips and push your hips down until it reaches below your knee and get back up. Keep your feet flat on the ground and maintain a straight back throughout this movement. Perform 15 reps * 4 rounds to feel the effect of this movement on your quads and hamstrings.


Walking plank:

Start in a plank position with your forearms on the ground. Walk up to a full plank by placing the palm up your hands on the ground and straightening your elbows. Then, return to the forearm plank. Keep this movement controlled and steady. Make sure your hips and butt stay in line with the rest of your body while keeping your abs engaged always. A really good exercise to engage and strengthen your core. Try and do this for 1 minute * 3 rounds to feel the burn.


Crab reach:

A very powerful move for your posterior chain. Start with your hips close to the ground, hand close to the butt and feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up as much as possible, lifting one arm up to an overhead position at the same time. Hold there for a bit and release. Perform this for 6 reps each side * 3 rounds to warm your glutes and lower back up.


Star Jumps:

For the star jump, it is ideal to extend the limbs, attain maximum height and generate power throughout the core muscles. To start stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, arms by your side. Bend your knees, get into a squat position and jump vertically as high as possible. While midair, extend your arms and legs to form a star shape with your body. Bring your arms and legs inward as you begin to descend and softly land with your knees bent. This will get your heart rate quite high, performing 10 reps * 3 rounds will give you a good workout.


Rishabh Telang is a Master Trainer at CULT. 

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