5 Instagrammers To Follow If You're A Fitness Freak
5 Instagrammers To Follow If You’re A Fitness Freak

Updates from these shredded beasts can keep you going until you reach your goal, and even after that.


If you’ve given up on the traditional calendar and mark your days as Chest Day and Leg Day, then you’re well on your way to the body you want. Ripped bodies can be the perfect inspiration and we’ve scoured Instagram to find five accounts of men who are fit with a capital F.


Updates from these shredded beasts can keep you going until you reach your goal, and even after that.


Vipin Rathore






If you like his eye candy physique, follow him here



Abhinav Mahajan






🔴Perfect Solution to Stay Self Motivated🔴 . In last 5 years, I have followed almost every famous motivational Guru, read almost all the Best Sellers out there on Personal Development just to come in touch with one small but the most IMPORTANT fact – ” Education without Application is B.S. ” . Yes, all you who are reading this might have watched 100’s of Motivational Videos only to find out that you were never able to actually apply all that Motivation into something fruitful . Why? . Because you were not disciplined enough to follow through. Because once you are out of your school and college, there is no one who will take the responsibility to keep you disciplined. And since there’s no one on your head to keep on reminding you of exactly how hard you need to work, you keep slacking off. Working hard for a day or two but never really developing a habit of getting things Done . This is where Self Motivation is so crucial and the best way to stay self motivated is a Tragedy or throwing ourselves into something where we have to find a way out or we’ll be Fucked . Yes, remember how you used Panick and complete your assignments in last moments. Doing whatever you could , catching hold of whosoever you could and not stopping until you completed that shit because you knew , if you didn’t , then you’ll be facing the wrath of your Teacher . Well just imagine if you could put same Panick, effort and energy every single day towards your goals. Just imagine the productivity . But for that, your ass needs to be on fire every single day. There needs to be a dog that’s biting your ass every single moment and the only option you have is to keep running unless your reach safety . That is why I am big on “Burning all the Bridges” so that the only option you are left with is to keep moving . Fuck Plan B… I just need a Plan A and I need my ass on fire every single moment to keep moving towards it. That is exactly my definition of “Self Motivation” . Tag someone who slacks off because he is comfortable and needs to read this slap on his face . Cheers . Abhinav Mahajan . Check us out at . www.youtube.com/c/AbhinavMahajanFitness . Website- www.strengthupgrade.com


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Can’t stop drooling? Then follow him here



Mustafa Ahmed






Today’s wod was nothing short of madness with @eatbacondrinkcoffeeliftheavy. I don’t even know why one would put themselves through this but this was the Christmas workout. 1 snatch at 155lbs 2 muscle ups( I did 4 chest to bar ring pull ups) 3 C&J with 185lbs 4 front squat with 185lbs 5 Deficit HSPU 6 BBJ 7 C2B pull ups 8 calories on airdyne 9 T2B 10 pistol squats 100 Mountain climbers So here is how it works. You do 1 snatch and then 1 snatch + 2 muscle ups and then 1 snatch + 2 muscle ups + 3 clean and jerks and so on. Took me an hour and 6 minutes to finish this. It’s weird how something so brutal can leave you so satisfied. #Afghanbull #athlete #crossfit #paleo #teamjerai #invictus #raw #power #legacy #christmaswod #nofilter Pic courtesy- @HariBhagirath


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If you find this shirtless hunk a treat for sore eyes, follow him here



Samrat Chaudhary








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We just can’t stop drooling over this beast, and if you too can’t, follow him here



Thakur Anoop Singh






You can watch those sculpted muscles all day, if you follow him here

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