5 Superfoods To Help You Destroy Your Fitness Goals
5 Superfoods To Help You Destroy Your Fitness Goals

You are what you eat


  1. Quinoa:


Quinoa has found near-cult like following among fitness fanatics and weight watchers. Quinoa stands apart as it has the highest protein content of any whole grain, in addition to high doses of unsaturated fat, fiber, and Vitamin B. Quinoa also has a much milder, more neutral taste than other grains, making it easy to adapt into recipes and ideal for people who aren’t fond of grains to begin with.


Get creative and mix quinoa with other health foods, using its as a base



  1. Acai Berries:


Acai berries have been attributed to near-mythical side-effects on health and well-being, and while much of it is hearsay and pseudo-science, the fact is that they are still a superfood to rival any other. Acai berries are high in antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, and trace minerals. All of these are building blocks of protein synthesis and muscle growth. Mix into smoothies or eat them over a basic yogurt with breakfast.




Smoothies are a great, easy way to incorporate berries into your diet


3. Sweet Potatoes: 


Delicious and readily available at what seems like every other street corner in India, sweet potatoes hold heavy amounts of beta carotene, iron, and Vitamins C and E. These work together to protect the body from cellular damage, helping people who work out in extreme environments- altitude, temperature, and, the most relevant for the average urban India; pollution. Sweet potatoes are also one of the best foods for replenishing the body after a workout.



  1. Salmon:


Salmon is an absolutely elite food when it comes to muscle growth. Fish is a complete protein, which means that the body can easily utilize the nutrients found in it. Salmon also features a large dose of Omega-3 acids, which prevent inflammation and help keep your joints in working order to crush your workouts. If possible, buy wild salmon, because farming practices are dodgy and have led to farmed salmon becoming infamous for toxicity and disease.


Salmon and Sweet Potatoes are both great sources of key nutrients





  1. Bananas:


Australian fast bowler Peter Siddle famously switched to a diet of only bananas while he was playing a test match, eating over 15 a day. The reason for this is that bananas are almost unbeatable when it comes to muscle recovery and functioning as an energy source at the same time. The potassium in bananas stimulates electrical impulses in the muscles which leads to smoother muscle recovery, and the easy, healthy source of carbohydrates makes the fruit perfect to eat pre-workout. Get creative with including them in your diet, from smoothies to stir-fries, or just eat them plain like I do every morning.


Bananas don’t need much, but they still go well with almost anything


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