How To Make An Impression At Work By Smelling Great
How To Make An Impression At Work By Smelling Great

Here’s a selection of great fragrances for work spanning the length of the olfactory meter

Smelling good at the office is non-negotiable. Here’s a selection of great fragrances for work – they’re versatile and span the length of the olfactory meter, and also five basic tips to make sure there’s no complain of body odour from your colleagues. 


Five ways to smell good at work:



  1. This sounds obvious, but bathe properly.

  3. Use an unscented underarm deo stick.

  5. Wear breathable, cotton clothing.

  7. Use a high quality fragrance.

  9. Take the fragrance with you to work, to re-spray.




Rs. 2200 / 100 ml


Cuir Vetiver by Yves Rocher


True to its name, vetiver is at the heart of this intense scent, full of woody notes (sandal and cedar) and balanced by the presence of tonka bean and leather. The mock-wood, light oak cap complements the scent’s intense, woody appeal. This is a strong scent that’s easy to wear, perfect for a day in the office that finishes with a dinner meeting or date. 



Rs. 4400 / 125 ml


Ferrari Scuderia Forte


This scent puts you in the fast lane, with its zesty opening notes — lemon and pineapple. The packaging is quintessential Ferrari — a glossy black cap with a matte bottle that stays in the brand’s comfort zone. The Ferrari Scuderia racing shield occupies pride of place in the centre of the bottle.




Paco Rabanne Pure XS


This scent, the latest chapter in Paco Rabanne’s long-running XS line, is full of contrasts and opposites in a brilliant blend, where woods clash with citrus. The bottle might remind you of the classic XS, but this is a scent for the 2010s man who can handle contrasting emotions without getting into a flap. Rs. 5600 / 100 ml.


Rs. 6800 / 100 ml




Yves Saint Laurent’s newest scent is a tribute to Gen Y. It commences on a fresh note, with bergamot and ginger in the mix. The bottle is mighty cool too — clean lines sliced by a bold ‘Y’. This one’s for the man who can keep a cool head during a tumultuous day at work. 


Rs. 4800 / 100 ml


Éclat d’Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin


Lanvin’s Arpège, launched in 1927 for women, is considered one of the all-time classics. Housed in a transparent box, this scent has been reinterpreted for the contemporary gentleman who prefers to make a subtle statement. It’s a beautiful balance of contrasts — a blend of citrus, florals and woods that features rosemary, jasmine and musk. 



Rs. 6300 / 100 ml


Azzaro Wanted


This bold scent is certainly for the attention seeker, and begins with the packaging — a cylindrical bottle that is fashioned like a revolver. The explosive top notes include lemon, ginger and sweet cardamom. This scent is not just strong, but lasts endlessly — just what you need for a never-ending day at work, followed by a night on the town with your work mates. 



Rs. 9100 / 80 ml


L’Envol de Cartier


This one’s worth considering for its gorgeous bottle alone; the capsule is detachable and can be refilled. Honey is the dominant element in the fragrance composition, which features mild musk and patchouli — this scent is inspired by ambrosia, with a bunch of contrasting mellow notes. The strong masculine notes are complemented by a floral touch — iris (this is the 2010s, after all). 



Rs. 5600 / 100 ml


Boss Bottled Tonic


It’s been two decades since Hugo Boss unveiled Bottled, and this scent has been reinterpreted numerous times. This avatar is an icy blue flacon with the same silver stopper. The scent is a whole new experience, with energetic citrus notes like bitter orange and a spicy heart that combines clove and cinnamon.





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