8 Diet Changes You Need To Make This Year
8 Diet Changes You Need To Make This Year

Diet is not just about weight loss but a healthy balanced way of life which keeps you fit.

New Year vibes excites us for new goals, plans and adventures. Everyone thinks a lot about travelling, parties and social gatherings. But this year, set diet goals to make it a healthy one, without compromising your love for food. Diet is not just about weight loss but a healthy balanced way of life which keeps you fit.


When it comes to setting diet goals, make sure that they are not short cuts like crash diet, skipping meals for instant results which will only harm our bodies in the process. Such starvation slows down our metabolism. The sudden fat loss and low nutrition causes the skin to sag and lose its luster or even dark circles sometimes.


Instead, focus on a lasting transformation. A healthy lifestyle results in consistent and sustained improvements in weight, energy, immunity, skin health and also slows down the signs of aging.


Here are ways in which you can change your cooking and eating habits for a whole new lifestyle that you can incorporate with little or no effort.


Weight loss without nutrition loss: In the process of dieting, do not miss out on the nutrients. A healthy way of cooking vegetables could be steaming so that you don’t lose out the water soluble nutrients.


The C factor: Include cucumber, oranges, lemons, broccoli, strawberries, bell peppers and foods which are rich in vitamin C. It influences iron absorption which helps in fighting cell-damaging free radicals.


Tweak the recipe a bit: You could be innovative while following recipes. Cut down the unhealthy elements in and make it the way it suits you and as healthy as possible. For example, you could use olive oil in place of butter and fatty oils.


Hydrate and detox: Drinking plenty of water is a never-dying tip that you could get. Also, detox your body with homemade lemon water, cucumber water which not only cleanses your body but aids in weight loss too. You could grab a cup of chilled water or lemonade instead of a soft drink. This can also save some pennies in your pocket.


Avoid reheating: Repeated heating of oils and fats can be extremely harmful as it gets converted into trans-fat acids.


Crave for leaner meals: Choose chicken breasts, fish over the whole chicken which will cut down the unwanted fats.


Stay away from salty food: Use less salts. Instead you could season the food with herbs, spices, garlic, onions, peppers or lime juice.


Stick to nonstick: Prefer non-stick utensils over others. This will help you use lesser oil for cooking.


These little changes when followed right will bring in drastic improvement to your health. Also, burn the extra calories by working out at least a few minutes every day. It not only helps you sweat the calories but also keeps you active, refreshed and active throughout the day. Safeguard and nurture your health in the coming year which could set an example to others striving for a good health.


Chef Jason DeSouza is Head, Culinary Operations & Food Design at Eat fit. After completing his Grande Diploma in Food production and Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Jason has worked as the sous chef with Gordon Ramsay and Chef De Cuisine with Alaina Ducasse a 3 Michelin star restaurant at Dorchester, London amongst others.

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