Adwait Anantwar: The Chef’s Morning Routine; INJA restaurant
Adwait Anantwar: The Chef’s Morning Routine

There’s magic in his hands (and routine)

He’s best known for whipping up a storm inside the kitchens of one of Delhi’s widely loved Japanese fining dining spaces, INJA. Interestingly enough, much like his culinary finesse and choice of music, Adwait’s morning routine is inspired by the magic of simplicity—listening to his dad’s recorded vocals on a karaoke app and making use of copious amounts of coffee and dental floss for a fresh start to the day.


We get the chef to spill the secret sauces that make his hustle worth it.


 How do you start your mornings?
Adwait Anantwar: As far as a morning routine goes, I tend to keep it simple – wake up, make my bed, freshen up, make some coffee (actually, lots) with some music in the background, and get ready for the day ahead. 

What’s sitting on your bathroom shelf?
AA: Aesom Geranium Leaf body cleanser, a good face wash, and my speaker. I need to start the day with some music. 

Your go-to grooming products?

AA: I don’t have any specifics when it comes to grooming products, I stick to the basics. So, it’s mostly a SPF-heavy moisturizer and I’m good to go. 

Day and night fragrances
AA: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne. It’s my go-to for day and night.

How do you like your coffee?
AA: I prefer an Americano to start the day. And, if I’m in the mood for it, I’ll maybe go for a flat white with some almond milk. But the standard practice when it comes to coffee for me is drinking at least 4-5 cups a day. 


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What does breakfast look like?
AA: I like making a sandwich with cold cuts, cheese, and some mustard, with a glass of orange and a coffee, of course. If I’m in the mood to have an Indian breakfast, you can never go wrong with idli and dosa. When I’m back home in Nagpur, I always go for some tarri poha for breakfast. 

 What’s your workout routine like?
AA: Ever since we’ve opened Inja, it’s been a bit of a challenge to stick to a workout regimen with my schedule. But when I can fit a workout in, I go for a walk or jog in the small garden across my apartment building. But thanks for reminding me to get back to my workouts!

Different news portals you check out in the morning?

AA: I usually read through the latest updates during the day, mostly from TOI and BBC News.


Morning music
AA: It’s usually a mix of my favourite music from artists like José González, Bill Withers, and The Scorpions. My dad’s a pretty good singer and he’s recorded his vocals on my Karaoke app, so I listen to those tracks when I feel homesick.

What are you currently reading?
AA: My preferred genre when it comes to books is all about food. So, I’m currently reading ‘Ikoyi: A Journey Through Bold Heat with Recipes’ by Chef Jeremy Chan. 

Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand.
AA: A bottle of water, lip balm, and some hand lotion. 

Grooming essentials you swear by + a recent find you’d recommend?
AA: Since I have a lot of long nights, I was recommended by a friend to use an eye gel, so I found a great one: the Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel. I’ve just started using it, so will hopefully see a difference soon.  Another essential I always stock up on is dental floss. In all honesty, it’s the only grooming/ hygiene product I regularly use after a sunscreen lotion.

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