Are you as fit as Dhoni?
Are you as fit as Dhoni?

Team India’s captain motivates India to stay fit with this public campaign

Team India’s excellent performance on field during the India-Pakistan match has made many sit up and take notice of how fit the players are. And all credit goes to the team’s suave captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now, Dhoni has taken the responsibility to help the country be as fit as his team and has asked his fans to join the One Hour of Fitness programme with him.


From leading the Indian cricket team to being the hero of every budding cricketer, Mahi still is the golden boy of Indian cricket. The new fitness drive is aimed towards inspiring people to dedicate one hour from their busy schedules to get fitter and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the recently revealed video, Dhoni asks India to push themselves to reach their optimum physical abilities. While the ‘Guess what MSD wants’ video did not give away much, the mystery was unfolded with the launch of ‘MSD4India’ campaign.


Dhoni said, “If you want to change your life, you just need to give only one hour to yourself. With this one hour of fitness, you will be able to prove to the world that there is no mountain you won’t climb or no run you won’t run. You can give all your hours to rest of your life but give this hour to yourself as it will change your life forever. I urge citizens across the country to join me and embrace the positive changes that daily fitness can bring about in their lives.” He will be revealing all his exclusive fitness content, from fitness schedules to diet plans, in the coming days. Each plan is based on individual fitness goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences for people from all walks of life.


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