Are you man enough to Zumba?
Are you man enough to Zumba?

Don’t laugh it off as a ‘girly’ exercise

So you thought Zumba was for pretty women? Think again. The man who invented Zumba, Beto Perez, has a different take. “More men should take up Zumba…Every girl likes a man who can dance,” He laughs. And no, don’t take it up just to woo the women. If last weekend’s workshop was anything to go by, Zumba is a badass whole-body workout that’ll leave the fittest of men well-challenged.


The who’s who of India’s dance and fitness fraternity such as Shiamak Davar and Sucheta Pal, were in Mumbai to attend the country’s largest Zumba event with Beto Perez. International Zumba presenters, Kass Martin and David Velez, were also present at the event, along with Bollywood celebrities and dance enthusiasts.


After a relaxed interaction, the masterclass turned into a crazy Zumba party with more than 1200 people sweating it out to popular English and EDM tracks. Students from Shiamak Davar’s Institute for the Performing Arts showed Perez how to Zumba the Indian way (peppering their routine with desi moves), which was a wonderful fusion of dance, Indian music and workout sets. “I cannot believe the excitement in the air. This kind of enthusiasm will only help people explore this fitness form further,” said Perez, amazed with the energy of the crowd.


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