Manscaping 101: Getting Down To The Basics
Manscaping 101: Getting Down To The Basics

A few tips and tricks from brands and experts to get your grooming right

Manscaping is a real thing, and if you’re thinking about trimming it up, you’re not alone because, according to a recent survery, over half the men in US go for regular grooming. Bhaskara Sheth, co-founder of unisex grooming brand Neemli Naturals, says that while it might feel like the most modern of metrosexual manoeuvres, the truth is that men have been manscaping for decades now.



“It’s just that the trend keeps changing, and men are more comfortable trimming their hair than waxing it.” “The most important thing to remember is to choose the right tools for manscaping and correct techniques or else you would face skin irritation or even in-growths,” adds Sheth. Manscaping has traditionally been associated with grooming and clipping below the belt.


However, it’s not restricted to just that anymore. “Many men choose to sculpt their body hair, whether it’s on their chest, arms, back, legs, or nether regions. It ultimately comes down to hair control, no matter how you define manscaping. Other grooming duties may be included in your entire routine, but the essence of manscaping is clipping, eliminating, and keeping body hair under control,” says Sainath Jain, co-founder of HIVADO, a grooming brand for men. Like most things today, this trend has come to the forefront because of celebrity influence — personalities like David Beckham and Daniel Craig, who are known around the world for their hair-free bodies, have set the trend.



Let’s talk products. Mansi Kaushik, senior manager for new product development of men grooming brand The Man Company, says it is preferable to use products that are integrated with natural ingredients like charcoal, aloe vera, and turmeric.


“Also, try and use only dermatologically tested products. Consumers using hair removal products are advised to heed the instructions accompanied by the package. Moreover, do not skip the patch testing step if you have sensitive skin. Don’t overuse the products, it can do more harm than good,” she said.



Another important point raised — the importance of having a decent all-purpose trimmer. “While shaving and trimming have traditionally been attached to your facial hair, the modern Indian consumer is using products to remove the hair on almost every part of their body. From your chest and back hair to your arms and legs, and from your face and neck hair to your pubic hair, there is literally no area that’s left untouched. “The bare essentials that you must have in your grooming kit include a beard trimmer, a full-body trimmer, and an intimate grooming trimmer. Of course, today you have brands offering all of these rolled into one single product, so it makes sense to go for something like that,” says Suraj Chaudhari, co-founder and CEO of Zlade, a D2C brand that offers a comprehensive line of men’s and women’s grooming products.


It is also of utmost importance to note that before you shave, softening your body hair will make for a smoother glide and after shaving, your skin needs extra care as it is dry and your pores are open, which, if not taken care of, can result in body acne. It is important for men also to understand that manscaping is a key component of hygiene and grooming, and how you then maintain it is important.





• Don’t use the same razor for your body and face


• Go slow, and shave gently to avoid cuts


• Pre-shaving oils are a great way to avoid post-shave irritation


• Body trimmers can help achieve a natural fade


• If you cut yourself, make sure to apply an ointment but only after the bleeding has stopped

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