Me and My Body: Ankur Bhatia
Me and My Body: Ankur Bhatia

Best known for his role as Sangram Singh Rathore in Ram Madhvani’s web series Aarya, Ankur Bhatia has been grabbing eyeballs for not just his acting chops but also his fab physique. The actor spills the beans on his fitness routine:

A Week in Fitness


It keeps on changing. If I am shooting, then I try to at least hit the gym thrice a week. Otherwise, I try and keep it to five to six days. I like to work on two body parts a day if I am working out for more than three days a week. If not, then I focus on the upper body or lower body. I do not repeat the same kind of routine. It depends on my mood.


The Must-have Equipment for a Home Gym


First of all, a yoga mat is a must. A pull-up bar is also necessary. An ab roller that I use to make my core strong and work on my abs. These three are pretty much what I need to hit every body part.


To Gain Muscles, He…


When I am trying to bulk up and if I have to do it really quickly, I stick to heavy and compound exercises. I make sure I don’t overdo it. I try to be in the gym for 30-40 minutes and do four to five exercises including chest press, bench press and barbell press, etc.


Things to Keep In Mind When Working Out


The most important thing to keep in mind is to have a good form. It is very easy to injure yourself in the gym without even realising. Take precautions and always be careful with your form.


A Muscle Group He Loves & Hates to Work On


I love working out on my chest, biceps, and even triceps. I hate working out on my lower body, it is too painful.


Diet Food That Tastes Equally Good


For me, it is chia seeds, grains, and avocados.


His Fitness Inspiration


My fitness inspiration is this channel on YouTube called Makaveli*Motivation. It has a compilation of various workout videos with several athletes and bodybuilders featured in it. It also has some great music and motivational quotes.


Top Three Gym Tracks


Remember The Name by Fort Minor, Till I Collapse by Eminem, and Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.


A Fictional Character He’d Like to Work Out With


I’ll choose Hulk to be my fitness partner.


Top Three Cheat Meal Preferences


It will be cheese pizzas, burgers, and pancakes.


Images: Ankur Bhatia

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