Me And My Body: Cwaayal Singh  
Me And My Body: Cwaayal Singh  

While it’s safe to say that Netflix’s Class is actor Cwaayal Singh’s claim to fame, the young star is also widely known for his diligence towards fitness and well-being. The self-confessed MMA loyalist believes that consistency is the secret sauce to success and shares what keeps him motivated

A week in fitness


I usually begin the week with some planning and assessment — workout goals, the way my body feels, if the past week brought me closer to my fitness goals… I also keep constant tabs on my calorie intake based on my body composition analysis. Currently, I am starting my week with leg day because it gets quite tempting to skip legs as the week progresses. Moreover, since it’s a big muscle and takes lots of work, I focus on getting the hard part done first, and then get on with workouts for the chest and triceps, back, biceps, and shoulders with some flexibility exercises and yoga thrown in. I also meditate for about 10 minutes daily.


Must-have gym equipment for a home gym


You don’t need a lot of equipment in my opinion; however, weights, dumbbells, and a skipping rope are good investments. Set realistic goals and buy weights that work for you.


Things to keep in mind when working out


Always seek expert help when starting out with your fitness journey. Those with extremely busy schedules can rely on YouTube videos, but use your discretion and understand your body before trying to emulate what you watch someone doing on-screen. Stay hydrated and ensure that your fluid intake (juices, smoothies, and water) is high, especially during summer. A lot of what we choose to do is mental, so ensure you also take care of your mental health by setting aside some time on a daily basis to meditate or practise any form of mindfulness that resonates with you.


A muscle group you love and hate to work on?


I don’t have a favourite muscle group as it depends on what’s my goal at any given point in time. I used to lift for heavy biceps and shoulder back when I started, and it’s helped me a lot in my fitness journey. Like everyone else, I also hate leg days, but I am focusing on my legs so I’m beginning to like it more than I ever have.  


Your fitness inspiration?


I want to enjoy life with a healthy body and sound mind, as I believe there is no point in having lots of money and fame without good health. I come from a defence background and fitness has always held great importance in our lives, so I’m grateful to my roots for imbibing the importance of working out from a young age.  


Top three gym tracks?Dal chawal and paratha, pizzas loaded with cheese, and Indian street food — the last one evokes nostalgia, as I used to gorge on streetside chaats as a kid.


Shiv Tandav Strotram by Shankar Mahadevan, We Own It from Fast & Furious, and Lose Yourself and Till I Collapse by Eminem


A fictional character you’d like to work out with?


I would like to work out with Hanuman ji, but if it’s a fictional character, then it has got be Rocky Balboa — my all-time favourite. 


Top three cheat meals?


Dal chawal and paratha, pizzas loaded with cheese, and Indian street food — the last one evokes nostalgia, as I used to gorge on streetside chaats as a kid.

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