Me and My Body: Gurfateh Singh Pirzada
Me and My Body: Gurfateh Singh Pirzada

Recently seen in Brahmastra, Gurfateh Singh Pirzada is the new hottie on the block. The actor shares his mantras and motivation tips that help him achieve his fit bod.

Week In Fitness


I do something or the other every day and keep myself active. I go to the gym five to six times a week. I try to at least. I go out for a jogging session sometimes or do something that gets me out of bed. It makes me feel better throughout the day. I’m planning on joining gymnastics as well.


Essential Equipment He Cannot Work Without


I think it’s my resistance band. I always carry it everywhere I go. If I’m shooting or if I’m missing a gym day because of long working hours, I can simply exercise with the bands. Even if I am travelling, at least I am doing something to keep myself fit. There is pretty much everything you can do with a good resistance band.


Three Equipment He Needs For A Home Gym


I’d like it to be a small studio, which has the main equipment. A crossover bar and mostly body weight stuff. I like going to the gym outside though because not only it gets you out of the house, but you also end up meeting new people.


If Not In The Gym


Dance classes for sure. I’ll start gymnastics as well. I used to do martial arts and MMA. Gyms can get monotonous.



A Diet Plan He Thinks Is A Fad?


Someone had sent me a diet, which was very unhealthy. Apparently, it makes you lose a lot of weight. But, I feel it is a fad because you’re eating small quantities of very unhealthy food so that you do not crave it. I think dieting and healthy eating are better ways to live. I’d suggest that one needs to stop eating shit.


What Keeps Him Motivated?


I want to look good for myself. I like the feeling of waking up, feeling happy, and feeling good about myself. That’s what working out does for me. I believe that to look attractive, you have to stay fit.


One Muscle Group He Loves To Work On, And One He Hates To Work On


I love working on my back and biceps. A muscle group I hate working on would have to be my glutes because I have a weak lower back and it’s a pain to work on the glutes.


Three Top Gym Tracks


I love listening to sad songs while working out for some reason. But nowadays I’m listening to Deva Deva (from Brahmastra) a lot when I’m working out then. There’s always Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall. I love Harry Styles’ songs as well.


Top Three Cheat Meals


The top three cheat meal food items on my plate would definitely be butter chicken. You cannot miss that. Also, a pepperoni pizza and some nice hot crispy bacon.

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