Me And My Body: Siddharth Nigam Shares His Fitness Secrets With MW
Me And My Body: Siddharth Nigam Shares His Fitness Secrets With MW

And well, it’s all surprisingly doable

Known for his roles in major television shows and films, Siddharth Nigam is also famous for his multidisciplinary approach to fitness. He often inspires and urges his social media followers to lead a healthier life and frequently shares workout routines, nutrition tips, and fitness guidance. Here’s what the 22-year-old star had to share with us: 


A week of fitness 


I work out every day, but when my schedule is a little busy or when I am stuck with my work, I try to work out three times a week. I don’t miss out on my gym sessions and without any excuse, I work out because it gives me strength, confidence, and self-belief. 


The must-have gym equipment for a home gym 


During COVID, I also did my workout in my house using chairs, towels, and other basic things. I try to inspire people to work out with limited equipment — all you need are dumbbells, a yoga mat, and if necessary, a pull-up bar. 


To gain muscle 


To gain muscle, it is very important to maintain adequate protein intake. Whenever we try to build up our body through say, weightlifting, our muscles tend to tear. So, it is important to get the proper amount of protein from any source be it vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian. 



Things to keep in mind when working out  


Focus on what you are doing. There should be a proper connection between your mind and your muscles. 


Top three gym tracks 


As I worship Hanuman Ji, my first gym track is the Hanuman Chalisa. And the second track is Believer by Imagine Dragons because it is a very motivational and upbeat song. Third is Hall of Fame by The Script. 


A fictional character you’d like to work out with  


Captain America, because he has those cross-fit workout sessions and a very athletic body type, and he also performs acrobatics, which I like the most. The second one would be Spider-Man. And when it comes to weight training, I would love to work out with Black Adam/Dwayne Johnson. 


Top three cheat meal preferences  


I love peri- peri fries, pizza, and chole bhature on my cheat days. 

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