Move Over Undercut, Here Are 5 New Hairstyles For This Season
Move Over Undercut, Here Are 5 New Hairstyles For This Season

Here are five hairstyles to try this season

Looking to get a haircut? Michel Baltazar, Creative Director Training & Education at JeanClaude Biguine, tells you what’s in and what’s out this season.


1.  Sauvage 


Johnny Depp


Longer hairstyles of the ’60s and ’70s may not be very fashionable any more, but other ways of sporting length are back in fashion — notably man buns, or Johnny Depp’s signature hairstyle. Long hair requires more maintenance than a shorter length. Its appearance is a lot more sensitive to care and environmental variations. Maintain its thickness, and beware of products that are too bright, which make it look dirty.


2. Metropolitan


 David Gandy


Look past the short sides-longer top look for a cut that lets your waves flow. Take a cue from model David Gandy and opt for medium volume, with the sides a little longer than usual — you can maintain it with scissors to give it a more casual effect. This is an easy look to achieve, and a bit of a glossy product gives it a simple, modern effect.


3. Nordic 


 Adam Levine 


Very trendy in the ’90s, bleached hair is back this season — but only polar and ashy hues as seen on singer Adam Levine; not the yellows that typically come to mind. Bear in mind, though, that this look isn’t suitable for all face shapes, and needs oodles of confidence to pull off.


4. Dandy 


Bradley Cooper


Hairstyles that require minimal effort are a great idea — one way to do this is by maintaining the same length of hair overall, with the mass of hair carried upwards to leave just a bit of a mess, as seen on Bradley Cooper. The look can go from romantic to rebellious, depending on how it is styled — use a salty spray to retain the hair’s natural movement.


5. Swag 


Owen Wilson


Another fuss-free look is one where the sides and nape are not too short — there’s just enough length to style the hair forward, like Owen Wilson is known to do. Covering the forehead softens the lines on the face, so those with a big forehead can sport it with or without bangs as well.

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