'Positivity Is The Best Superfood': Celebrity Trainer Shivohaam On Getting Fit From TheInside Out; CrossFit, Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan,
‘Positivity Is The Best Superfood’: Celebrity Trainer Shivohaam On Getting Fit From Inside Out

The best fitness secrets from the OG

He pioneered the CrossFit wave in India by introducing the country’s first CrossFit box in 2009. From training some of the biggest stars in the country to doling out goal-based workouts to clients the world over, Shivohaam (Dheepesh Bhatt) continues to be one of the most revered trainers in Bollywood and even otherwise. Prod him to share a secret fitness hack that always works, and he wisely says, “Train the mind, and the body will automatically get in line”. In a candid chat with Mansworldindia.com, the OG of fitness shares the inside track on ways to materialise your dream bod goals.





The most underrated fitness advice in your opinion
One of many things that are true but not said enough to clients starting out in fitness is that “it takes time”. Nothing happens overnight. There has to be a perfect mix of routine, consistency and most importantly BALANCE. Anything done out of proportion will not end up with a positive output. Too much of food, food or too much cardio or weight training will only hamper progress in the long run.


3 training secrets you’d like for more people to know?
A. Clarity. People lack the clarity of what they want to achieve from their fitness routine. Having clarity will attract the right coach, the program and the right nutrition into your life


B. Be realistic about your goals and don’t use social media posts as your expectations. That’s not REAL.


C. Last and definitely the most important. A fit mind will lead to a healthy and fit body. Not being able to control your thoughts and emotions will only leave you more confused and stranded along the road. Start with a basic mental fitness routine in the morning and let the energy of that flow into the rest of your day.


The fittest celeb you’ve trained. And, the most resilient one.
They all have been fit in different aspects of fitness and without determination and the will to do well, they would not have been where they are today.


How does one set realistic body transformation goals?
A. Well as I mentioned earlier. The first is to have clarity about what your goals are.
B. Next is to write down what your limitations are in regard to lifestyle, work and physical ability.
C. Once you have figured this out now you can plan a program that works around the above-mentioned. Remember that fitness is a part of your life and not your entire life.
D.Start small, Start slow. The body is a fantastic organism that is actually alive and will change based on the adaptations it had to make. Progressively overloading in every aspect with tiny increments will force the body to change to adapt and therefore progress.
E. In no time you will be way ahead of where you started and there is only room for improvement from there.



Define fitness
A. This definition has changed and evolved for me over time. A person who is able to recognize a stressful or uneasy situation and first accept that fact, secondly can in a calm state of mind come up with a solution to get out of that situation without getting anxious or stressed is truly fit. The body will only follow what the mind asks it to do. And to get those instructions from the mind, first, the mind needs to be at ease.


How do you start your mornings?
5 am wake up and 1 hr of spiritual Sadhana of kriya yoga with my wife, given by my Guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath
6 am practice of surya yog which is a self-cleansing practice using the prana of the sun. This practice too is given by my Guru
Writing a page of a notebook with ram and another one with shiva
20 mins of pranayama
30 mins of reading the Bhagwad Gita by Paramhansa Yogananda


Then the day begins …


You’re the OG of CrossFit. Is there a fitness mantra that you swear by?
Train the mind, the body will automatically get in line


3 superfoods that can actually make a world of difference to those wanting to train and build stamina
A. Positive thoughts for the mind (super-best food ever)
B. A balanced diet of protein carbs and fats
C. I wish I could name An actual food but I rather say “guilt-free, full of love. Anything with these two qualities will work wonders.


Your message to readers
It is never you vs you. You are your own bestest friend. Love yourself and treat yourself with a lot of care. Fitness and health will always happen as long as you are happy.


What’s next? (on the work front or off it)
The online game is going to change big time..working on a new project. And it’s time to go global.
They say that there is always the right time. I feel that the right time is almost here. 

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