Sahil Salathia: The Actor's Fitness Routine
Sahil Salathia: The Actor’s Fitness Routine

The actor has his game face on – whether it comes to physical work or his acting career

Consistency is  key for any actor – whether it comes to their work or their health regimen. And, by that token, , Sahil Salathia has certainly gone the whole hog! The boy from Jammu made his first on-screen appearance with Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat, and has showcased his acting chops in projects such as Gowariker’s TV series Everest and Nikkhil Advani’s POW – Bandi Yuddh Ke. Last seen in the Amazon Prime Video show Adhura, Salathia’s other notable works on OTT have been Hasmukh and Paurashpur. The avid traveller that he is, Salathia has visited52 countries and takes his time to cut off from the world. When it comes to fitness however, there is no compromise. 


Sporty Kid 


I grew up in Jammu. My father is a retired police officer, and I would visit the police club with him. He plays badminton and growing up, I would play with him. Unfortunately, in Mumbai, I lost touch with the game. But now, I swim whenever I get the time. I’m a water baby and I love being in the water. Swimming is the best form of toning up, and releasing those happy hormones. I wish I could continue with badminton even in Mumbai but there is no badminton court near where I stay. 


Move It 


I try and undertake some sort of physical activity five to six times a week. It’s not time-bound. It depends on when I find the time in the day for my physical and mental health. I do yoga. I swim once a week. I go to the gym pretty much whenever I get the time and to make it more fun, I put on my favourite music and try to have a great time while working out. Exercising should feel like something that’s adding value, entertainment and joy to your life. 


Tough Times 


Last year, I injured my shoulder and even had to get surgery done for it. My arm was in a sling and I had to give my shoulder a rest for a period of four months or so. Forget exercising, I could not even move my arm! That was a challenging time for me. 


Biggest  Challenge 


To be able to find time every day or at least six times a day for my fitness routine. There are times when I am on an outdoor schedule and yes, there are gyms in the hotels but when your shift starts at 6 in the morning and finishes around 7 in the evening,  you are too exhausted to even think of exercising. Acting is an emotional job and you feel physically drained after a long day of shooting. Staying consistent with my fitness regime during outdoor shoots is a challenge, and I keep trying ways to fit in exercise during my schedule. I plan it in such a way that I manage to visit the gym before or after the shoot. 


Magic Of Yoga  


I think yoga is magic. It is Indian science. I have been practising it for years and I can do a lot of asanas. However, yoga is not just about being super flexible. You can start at the beginner’s stage and slowly  work towards  perfection but you have to start somewhere, even if it’s just breathing properly. Only 45 minutes of yoga daily will completely change your day. It will help you focus better, think better, look better and stay mentally healthy and that is why I think yoga is magic. 


Stress Busters  


Being an actor comes with a lot of ups and downs, politics and favouritism, insecurities and stress. I find that any form of physical exercise helps in dealing with all of the above. Even five minutes of meditation a day can really change your outlook on how you are  going to go about in your life and how you are going to deal with the downs. Meditation keeps you grounded and mentally stable. You will not feel very high when the ups are very up, and you will not feel very low when the lows are really low. 


Role Model  


I look up to a lot of people when it comes to fitness, but when it comes to Indian actors, there is only one name that comes to mind and that is none other than Hrithik Roshan. Age is really just a number for him. He is the quintessential Greek God of India. He has always been in best shape and is such an icon for fitness. He is someone who not only inspires me as an actor but also for his discipline. It is not that he was disciplined for just one role or for a particular phase in life; he has been at it all his life, and is my biggest inspiration when it comes to fitness. 

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